Is it possible to use a smartphone to control TV

smartphone as a TV Remote

People started using smart devices on a day to day activities. But still expecting more features on smart devices. Many people might experience in search of TV remote after sitting on their sofa. Most of these people will control their TV channels through remote for their own comfort.

Often for those who will miss or lose the TV remote, let us see how to use a smartphone as a TV remote


– Your TV should have wireless connectivity.

– Next, your smartphone should have an Android 4.4 or higher operating system.

– Should support smart TV device or box APK (APK) files.

Preliminary to do:

First, download and install the CetusPlay app on your smart TV device and smartphone.

In most cases, the smartphone will automatically install the app suitable to the TV. Even you can install through pen drive on TV.


Follow the instructions to use the smartphone as a TV remote:

1 – Open the Cetusplay TV app on the smartphone and wait until the smart TV device is visible on the screen.

2 – You must confirm the permissions of the app on your TV and smartphone.

3 – Wait for the app to be connected.

4 – Now you have to choose one of the visible remote display types.

Dpad mode – This remote have click options to change channels.

Touchpad mode – This is a touchscreen feature remote.

Mouse mode – A mode that can be used on TV apps.

Game mode – beta – It can be used to play games.

Smart TV remote

5 – Beyond the smart TV remote features, this app offers various other benefits.

6 – Play On TV – Using the built-in Miracast, it displays smartphone data directly on the TV. This feature can be used to install apps.

7. Built-in App Center – Offers various applications for smart TV.

8. Screen Capture – This feature allows you to screenshot on the TV.

If your TV is Samsung or LG smart TV, this app works better. Maybe if you have a problem, try the following steps.


Make sure that your smartphone and TV are connected to a single Wi-Fi network. Download the app for your LG or Samsung Smart TV.

LG TV Plus (Android | IOS) Samsung SmartThings (Android | IOS)

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