Summers are great for beaches and ice cream, there is no doubting that. However, with the summer season at full blast, taking care of your skin becomes a bit too much of a task. From tanned skin to sunburns, there is just too much to worry about.

Skin in the Summer Season

Although we understand your inclination towards staying in this summer, we have the best tips to help you enjoy the summer without worrying about damages done to your skin!

The simplest ways to take care of your skin!

Go without Make-up!

Summers are to let loose and bring out your inner beauty. This summer, forget about applying your makeup and go out without it. Since most of the elements that you apply cover your face, it makes it hard for the facial cells to breathe, which in turn gives you acne. However, going without make-up will allow you to make the most of the summers and you won’t have to worry about blemishes!

Don’t forget sun protection!

Summers are all about the sun, and a bit too much of it, if we are being honest. Since the sun is always out and shining, what to do? Rather than canceling your plans this time around, take the best Skin Care products. A sunscreen with a high SPF, such as the sunscreen offered by Greenberry Organics, will allow you to block the UV rays as well as save you from getting tanned. If you face the problem of oily skin during the summers, and the sunscreens just won’t stick? Try out Organic Harvest’s oil control sunscreen to protect your delicate skin!

Exfoliating your skin is the Summer-Elixr

Looking for the one tip that helps you keep your face fresh and allows you to enjoy the summers with the perfect face? Well, the trick is to exfoliate your face regularly. Understand this, the season of summer is very sticky and you sweat a lot. Apart from that, dust and grime are no strangers this season.
To make sure that your facial pores have the room to breathe and are not blocked, which may give you pimples as well as acne, use a facial scrub every once in a while.

For dry skin, you may exfoliate your face once in 5-6 days. However, if you have oily skin type, you should do it once every 3 days.

Other things to keep your skin clear and beautiful in the Summers

Apart from making use of the best face moisturizer to heal your face, you need to do many other things to protect your face. Here is a list of some natural and homemade ways to keep your face clear, and fresh:

  1. Make use of Aloe Vera: Natural Aloe Vera or a gel would do the trick. Aloe Vera reduces spots, reduces tanning and heals the facial cells.

  2. Detox Water: Add cucumber, lemon and some mint in a bottle of water. Store overnight and drink the next day. This will allow you to cleanse and purify your blood from within, thereby giving you a glowing skin.

Making use of natural beauty products, natural elements and cosmetics in balance will help you to take care of your face during summers. Try to keep your body cool and clean in summers.