Are you a good content writer on interesting topics or a Tech writer, then you have a great opportunity to work with WikiMonks as a Full Time or a Part Time content writer.

Checkout the below mentioned Job Description and Skills Required before you apply,

Job Description:

  • The Content Writer will be responsible for writing articles, blog posts, infographics, Social media posts, press releases and point of view articles.
  • Ensure Content compliance to Digital Marketing standards
  • Continuous monitoring of efficacy of content and communication delivery to check consumption and plan for improvisation.
  • Continuously innovating and refreshing content delivery

Skill Required:

  • Possess a Bachelor or higher degree or Intermediate or Diploma
  • Have excellent communication skills, both verbal & written particularly
  • Have excellent team player and interpersonal skills, but also self-motivated and able to work autonomously
  • Possess the ability to work to deadlines, while remaining calm under pressure

How To Apply?

  1. Your name, age, location and background.
  2. Your previous work: If you write your own tech blog or have written articles on other websites, please include up to 3 links.

Put all the mentioned above data and send us through contact form or email us at