Recover Data From a Corrupt Memory Card or USB Drive

Now USB drives are helpful to exchange data and store date with digital information. Apart from data exchange, USB drives offer different advantages than we think. And now this USB drive is used in most of the offices. You can share your data through USB drives but if the USB drive has a virus or any board problem, it won’t work properly.

We have a few ways to recover files from a corrupted USB drive.

Recover files from a corrupted USB drive through Files Manager

You do not need a third party tool to recover the files from the corrupted USB drive, you can bring files back from the drive.

Step 1: You need to insert a USB device on your computer, then right-click on my computer and select “Manage” option.

Files Recovery Step 1

Step 2: After selecting “Manage” option, select “Disk Management”.

Files Recovery Step 2

Step 3: Then select ‘Change Drive Letter and Paths’ option.

Files Recovery Step 3

Step 4: Now you can restore the files and choose the new drive option thereby bringing the files will be much simpler.

Files Recovery Step 4

Recover files from a corrupted USB drive through CMD

Using CMD, all files can be brought in a simplified manner from a corrupted USB device.

Step 1: First, insert your USB drive on a computer, then press the Windows button, and then cmd. Now at the command prompt, Right click and select ‘Run as admin’ on the right.


Step 2: Now type Chkdsk H: / f, “H” is the drive letter. This may be different from your computer.

cmd Step 2

Step 3: Now the process of verifying the files and folders will start, and you can see the process of actions there.

cmd Step 3

Step 4: All hidden files on the compatible USB drive are found on the Lost.dir page.

Recover files from a corrupted USB drive through EaseUS

EaseUS Data Recovery is a free-to-use memory card(used in a digital camera) recovery software.

Step 1: At first, You need to download the tool EaseUS Data Recovery on your Windows system. Select the file types you want to restore and click “Next”.

EaseUs Step 1

Step 2: Next you need to select your USB drive and press the “Scan” button and then scan for the lost files.

EaseUS Step 2

Step3: You need to click on “Recover” button to restore lost files once the scan is completed.

EaseUs Step 3

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