Change YouTube Channel Name

The overwhelming development of the technology has changed the way we see the world and he information we need. Today we have many options to choose from a variety of millions of different movies, music, and jokes.

If all this is a single reason for the YouTube, then no one can deny it. You have changed the lives of many people around the world. Not only has everyone developed, but also the growth of others and in any way.


The single reason why YouTube is so popular than the various other sites offering service like YouTube is that you don’t have to pay any fee. From creating your own YouTube channel, everything is free until viewing the channel videos of others.


Millions of YouTubers have won over the past three years. YouTubers are the ones who own a channel on the YouTube site. They offer videos as films, comedy or dialogues. All of these are functioning under the terms of YouTube.

Easy info

All of those who post videos will have to take full responsibility for their videos. Videos that are recorded cannot be stolen from others. This is a simple thing to do.

Choose a nice name for your channel and if you provide the simple information, that’s enough. Then post your favorite videos and the work was done. If you post videos frequently, your subscriber count will increase. The subscriber is who wants to watch your videos frequently.

How to Change YouTube Channel Name ?

Sometimes we choose a name for our YouTube Channel intially and the situation may change after some time. Let’s continue to Change YouTube Channel Name:

– Open the browser and visit the website (

– Click on the sign in button and fill in the information there. Here you have to enter your username and password.

– If you have Signed in your account, click on the Thumb image on the right.

– Next, click on the view channel in the creator studio option.

– Click on the settings icon next to the channel name and then click on the Channel Settings option. The new webpage will open now and click on the ‘Edit on Google’ option and change the name.

– If you save the changes, you made it. Now you can see the new name.

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