ReTV X1 Media Streaming Device

ReTV X1 Review

One thing that the equipment everyone loves most is TV. A lot of TV models has emerged in the last 30 years like Black and white TV, Color TV, LCD, LED, Smart TV, Android TV. And all these TV models were very useful.

The emerging technologies now help us in various ways. With the variety of  TV set-top box models available in the market, our normal TV can be turned into a smart TV and Android TV. As such, ReTV has created a ReTV X1 device, which can be used to watch your favorite channels to use this device without cable or dish connection.  It is noteworthy that you can use the online applications you need in particular.

ReTV X1:

You can see Unlimited Movies and TV shows by using this ReTV X1. This ReTV X1 device can be used especially with broadband or mobile Internet.

4K support:

ReTV X1 Ports

On this device, there is 4K support and 8 GB internal memory, followed by HDMI 2.0, USB cable, Bluetooth 4.1, Ethernet, WiFi 802.11. Especially you can turn your existing normal TV into a smart TV.

Android 5.1:

It is noteworthy that the ReTV X1 device is based on the Android 5.0 operating system. Specifically, you can connect the ReTV X1 device using RCI cable or HDMI cable with your TV.


A remote is provided with this ReTV X1 device, the feature of this remote model is that the motion sensor is supported and can be used as a mouse used for the computer.


Particularly with this ReTV X1 device, you can use smart TV apps on your TV such as YouTube, HotStar, Jio TV, Amazon Prime. And even videogame-based processors can be used even more beautiful.


The price of the ReTV X1 device is Rs.3,999, and it is noteworthy that this device will definitely help you watch your favorite channels.

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