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Probably, you have had to edit a PDF file at some point or another by moving the pages around, deleting a page or extracting a page or set of pages into a separate PDF file. You have to change the order of a few PDF pages and extract a different set of pages out into a separate PDF file.

I’m going to explain how you can do this using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro DC in this article. Some free tools you can use to reorganize and extract pages from PDF in case you don’t have Adobe Acrobat. Extracting PDF pages is done by the PDF extractor.

Move PDF Pages Around

Move PDF Pages Around

The Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro’s newest version makes it really easy to rearrange the order of pages in a PDF file. Open your PDF file and then tap on Tools.

You’ll see the Organize Pages under Create & Edit button. Then you’ll see a small thumbnail image of all the pages in the PDF joiner.

pdf file

You simply tap on the left or right rotate button to rotate a page. Page deletion is as easy as clicking on the trash icon for that page. To move a page around or to reorder the PDF pages now. To move a page around or to reorder the PDF pages. Simply tap and drag a page to the new location. You’ll see a vertical blue bar appear where the page will be dropped.


That is moving pages around in the PDF. You can also replace PDF pages with another page from a different PDF file on this screen. Split PDF pages and files or insert a PDF file anywhere into the current document.

You can use an online tool from a company called Sejda if you don’t have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro. Just tap on Upload and combine PDF files and you are good to go. The interface is very similar to the one in Adobe Acrobat. The file can’t be more than 50 MB in size or 50 pages but it’s a very generous limit is the only limitation.


Extract Pages from PDF File

We can also extract pages from the PDF file on the same screen as above. You’ll see another sub-menu appear with a couple of options if you tap on the Extract button in the menu bar.

Extract Pages from PDF File

Firstly, you need to select the pages in the PDF that you want to extract. Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL keys to select more than one page. SHIFT selects multiple pages in consecutive order whereas CTRL allows you to pick. Then choose pages from anywhere in the document.

You can check Delete Pages after extracting or Extract pages as separate files once if you have selected the files. The selected pages will be extracted into a single PDF file and the pages will remain in the original file if you don’t check either option.

The pages will be removed from the original file. Each page will be saved out as a separate PDF file if you check both.

You can again use the Sejda website if you need to do this for free. On concord, this time use their extract PDF tool. Just by clicking on the pages or using SHIFT select the pages. Then tap on the Extract Pages button.

Extract Pages button


This tool’s limit is up to 200 pages per PDF file or 50 MB in size. This is similar to Adobe Acrobat. But it doesn’t give you the option to save each page as a separate PDF file. You can also choose to select all even or all odd pages.

Extracting pages and reordering pages in a PDF are two common tasks that hopefully you will now be able to do quickly using the tools mentioned above.

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