Improving battery Life Of Windows 10

Battery Life Of Windows 10

Do you want to keep up the battery life of your new device with an upgraded Windows 10 OS? Do not worry! Windows 10 laptop has a built-in Battery saver feature that everyone wants to have on their device. Battery life is an important feature that we consider while buying a laptop or any device. We try out some tricks to keep up the device’s battery life. Some of those tricks are explained below.


Battery Saver :

Battery Life Of Windows 10

Battery saver maximizes the battery life. It enables to limit the battery usage for some unwanted and less used background activities. From the Settings app, click on System” and then from the drop down, tap Battery saver”. This is set to switch on when your device is down to 20 percent of battery life. You can change this level as you wish or can even turn it ON manually at any time. Keeping the battery saver switched ON will give you an estimation of how long your device will work before your laptop dies.

Power Plan :

Battery Life Of Windows 10

One of the old and reliable trick to save the battery life of the laptop is the Windows 10 power plan interface. To avail this, go to Settings, then click on “Power and Sleep”. You can save more battery life when the screen and sleep times are lowered. To get to the Control Panel Power Plan interface, tap on Additional Power Settings”. Here it is possible to set up huge additional variables like when your hard drive and peripherals go into sleep mode. Also, you can configure several individual power plans which you can switch between as required.

Screen Brightness :

Battery life of Windows 10


Screen brightness is one of the settings that almost everyone is familiar with. It can be adjusted depending on the user. The lower the brightness of the screen, more will be the battery life of the laptop. To set the brightness down, go to Setting, click on Systems” and Display” in the System section.


Bluetooth and Wifi :

Battery life of Windows 10

You can turn off Bluetooth and wifi to save some battery charge, and it’s the same in Windows 10. The easiest way to switch OFF both at the same time is via the Airplane mode or Flight mode. This is available under Network & Internet” in Settings.

Update OS While Charging :

Battery life of Windows 10

There is no need to get much control over Windows updates in the latest version of the OS. But based on the testing, the process of downloading and installing them has a significant impact on battery life. Try to leave your laptop ON for a few hours before you head out. The previously managed Airplane mode can temporarily pause updates if required.

Updates for your peripherals and internal component : Check the websites of the relevant manufacturers for available Windows 10 updates. They’ll often improve efficiency, reduce power drain and increase battery life on your Windows 10 laptop.

Mute the Volume :

Battery life of Windows 10

The volume of your laptop has more impact on battery life than you might think. Pumping out those tunes uses a huge amount of energy. Try turning down or lower the volume while watching videos and listening to music, or switch to headphones if possible. Ideally, mute your device completely.

Unplug Unnecessary Peripherals :

Battery life of Windows 10

You might use peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, external hard drives, printers, memory cards, pen drives and other USB powered cables. You might not use all the cables simultaneously. So the unnecessary peripherals can be unplugged. Windows itself recommends unplugging unused or unnecessary peripherals to improve battery life. For instance, you can use trackpad or touchpad instead of connecting the mouse to the laptop.

These are some of the tricks to improve battery life of the Windows 10 laptop. Work out these tricks to keep your laptop not to drain its battery always.

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