Download You Tube Videos For PC Free

youtube videos

1.Downloader websites:
It is the simplest way to download You Tube videos. Websites like keepvid , Savido, videograbby, Clipconverter, helps you to download files, mainly video files format which you prefers. What you have to do is copy and paste the link of the You Tube which you want. This even works on your android mobile by the mobile browser, but it does not work on ios.
2.VLC Player:
Downloading You Tube video along with VLC player is only suggested while downloading if you are not interested to deal with pop-ups and ads and don’t like to install another Software now for the sake of downloading the videos. It is not straight forward as before one. Copy link in the You Tube and then select Media menu in the VLC player and click ‘Open Network Stream’. By pasting the video link you can see the video. After stopping or pausing the video and copy video link go to tools menu and codec information. Paste the link in which browser you want ,then it will play the You Tube video right click and select save as to download the video.
3. Browser Extensions:
There are so many browser extensions or add –ons for different browsers which helps you to download You Tube videos. The video Download helper(For Both Chrome and Mozilla Users) which is a popular extension available on both browsers Firefox and Chrome. Fastest Tube is another one which provides you pop-ups or download in the browser to download videos.
While Downloading YouTube videos the third party software offers more control. Badly most of them are paid of freemium. The most popular video downloaders are YTD video converter and Any video converter . There will be so many free options but be careful which is adware or which is malware most times.

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