Eyebrow Makeovers


How to Shape Eyebrows with Stencils

Just maintain the shape by plucking the stray hairs frequently. If your brow area is particularly sensitive, take a couple of painkillers before tweezing and hold something cold over your brows before and after to numb the area. Use a hand mirror to look at your eyebrows from the side. Procedure to shape Eyebrows.
Step 1: Mark where to start and end your brows

By using the white stick, you should mark your brows where you want to begin and end.


Step 2: Position the Stencil

Line up the inner corner by placing the stencil in position with the white mark you made.


Step 3: Brush hair through the stencil 

This step is important. Brush the hair through the stencil hole as it follows the shape of the stencil. This makes the hair follow the shape which you want.


There are few shapes :


Step 4: Trace Stencil Outline & Remove Stencil

Using the white stick, trace the outline of the brow shape. Now we are ready to tweeze the brow hairs that are outside of the white trace line.


Step 5: Finish Brows & Hold in Place

Hairs have been tweezed and the white outline is removed. Next, the stencil is placed back on. A tiny amount of brow gel is placed on brows. By using Eyebrows comb or brush, comb the brows as shown in step3. Brush the powder over the tail areas such that you can touch up the tail very slightly.


Finally, the stencil is removed to give the result seen here.

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