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Fashion and style go hand in hand. It is not just the dress that you wear conveys your fashion statement but the accessories must be appropriate so that it complements your look as a whole. Wearing ill-fitting clothes and not matching the accessories can damage the look too.

However, it is not necessary that you have to wear expensive clothes and accessories to look good. It is possible that you wear a dress that is just a few dollars but as you carry it well it enhances your personality.

In this article, let us find out how you can choose the right size of a watch that fits best on your wrist. So, read on for better insight.

Choosing the right size of watch for your wrist

Check out these essential aspects-

  • Thin wrists

    For wrists that are very thin, go for 33mm wrist size of watches. It should be in tandem with the size of the suit you are wearing. This size will look equally elegant and smart.

  • Thick wrists

    If you have a thick wrist, and you are buying a watch either for hitting the gym or to the grocery store, watch with more than 41mm should be an ideal size for your wrist.

    In fact, there are many watches, of varying sizes and for various occasions under Garmin Singapore if a wide array of the collection is what you are looking for.

Choose watches according to age and occasion

Having said about the right size of watch you must select for your wrist, another important aspect that will make sure that your fashion statement is complete is the type of watch that you are going to spend on.

Opt for styles and shapes according to your age and occasion. For instance, if you are hitting the gym, the smartwatches available will add to your personality and the fact that these days smartwatches come with features like pedometer will also add value to your workout.

If you have to face an interview, watches that have a formal look will suffice. The same rule of thumb will be applicable for both genders.

You will also come across unisex watches that go well for almost all occasions, especially as casual wear. These watches are the best bet if you are not being able to decide which watch to wear.

Watch Straps

As far as watch straps are concerned, leather is never out of style. This is especially for the ones that are for formal occasions. For the outdoor and when you go hiking on rough terrains, opt for watch straps that will withstand the elements.

Watch face

If you are thinking that selecting the right watch face is not important then you are mistaken. It equally adds to your fashion statement. Depending on your age and purpose, you can change watches that have different watch faces for specific occasions.

There are many options that you will find to choose from and it is quite likely that you will be spoiled for choice if you take some time to explore.

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