Facebook brings sleep mode to Messenger Kids providing more control to the parents

Sleep Mode in Facebook Messenger Kids App


Facebook has been working on a number of new initiatives, according to which a new update is offered on Facebook Messenger app. This update will be very useful. The Facebook Messenger Kids app is now available with the new feature called “Sleep Mode”, which provides additional control to the parent. This sleep mode feature is to control the app usage time on the device, and the application will go to the Sleep Mode after the preset time. Especially this new feature is expected to be useful for many people.

Messenger Kids:

The parents asked to provide the Messenger Kids app to enable them to run for a limited time, Especially for food, homework, sleep, etc. Therefore, Facebook has provided this feature according to the parent request.

Sleep Mode:

When this sleep mode is enabled, the children cannot send and receive messages, cannot make a video call, camera and also cannot see any notification. If you try to open the app, the app displays the information as the app is in Sleep Mode.


Through this new update, parents can control their kid’s account. Especially parents can control the sleep mode and make the kid concentrate on other works.


To get this new update, parents have to enable the app times option which will appear in the Parental Control Center in parent’s account.

Control Panel

Parents can also control their kid account from their new control panel, adding sleep mode times, adding and deleting contacts.

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