You can now add more friends to your Facebook Messenger video or voice call

Quickly Add More People To your Calls

Facebook now has been working on a number of new initiatives, now a new update released in the Facebook Messenger app. Through this new update, you can add more people to your video or voice call. It is noteworthy that Facebook has added numerous games in the Messenger app. The new Facebook Messenger App Update is available for both Android and iOS. Now let’s see the new update features offered in the Messenger app.

Group Video Call:

The modest update provided on the Facebook Messenger app is that the video call or voice can be connected to your friends without disconnecting the other call.

Before this:

The messenger app previously you have to disconnect all calls for a group video call and then have to make a new call through Inbox. It is noteworthy that it is currently being updated and is useful for many people.


Click on the screen and select the ‘add person’ when you have a video or voice call in the Facebook Messenger app and connect the person you want to talk to. It is noteworthy that this new Group Call Update feature has filters and effects. This new Facebook Messenger app update, it is expected to be available on Android and iOS operating systems as well as it might have more features than the Whatsapp App.

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