Google’s new podcast ‘app’ is already on your Android phone

Google Podcast Player

Google has introduced a new feature for Android Smartphone users. That’s the new Podcast player that helps you hear clearly and accurately. Google has now introduced this player without charge for Android users instead of using other players. The user can use this podcast player without Google Play Music that can be accessed in Google search without the help of any app.

Google has also provided information in the search results about the podcast content company Pacific. It is now confirmed that this podcast is very beneficial to the Android users accessed through Google search. Google has announced that it has received a great response from the first day of the introduction of this new feature. “That’s why we have come to the full endeavor to make it usable by all of our Android users,” said Zack Reneau-Wedeen, Google Podcast Production Manager.

Android smartphone users can now easily access this podcast player with the help of Google Search. If you type a show or episode name in the google search and you will get the podcast first in the search results. You can hear the latest episodes. And the shortcut format is also useful for the users.

You can also get this podcast player in Google Home and Google Assistant. Only once you say in your voice “OK Google” and the name of the Podcast, you can immediately hear your favorite podcast. It will resume the podcast from where you left previously.

Although Apple has already provided Podcast facility in its iOS devices in 2012, it has not received the customer’s reputation. “Many iPhone users are listening to music through apple podcast player, but nowadays the Android users are expected to be in parallel with the Podcasts,” says Production Manager Zack Reneau-Wedeen.

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