Tips To Send Voice Message in Facebook

Voice message

Everyone knows Android is the famous apps and technology that is provided by Google. At present there are so many apps that are provided for different purposes i.e to get details about Indian Railways, get morning news and more. Every Google product is really constant and it is tranquil to use.

The Facebook is a popular social networking site has many official applications for Android (Google’s product). The users can easily use them by having an Android gadget.

Facebook Messenger is one of those useful applications. The users can chat with their friends via default Facebook. This application gives the user a useful and better experience. The Facebook Messenger easily connects the user with their friends. There are also some added features that are not available for default Facebook users.  Voice message is one of those features. Through Facebook Messenger you can send voice message to your friends.

If the user wants convey a long message through text, it will takes more time and it irritates the user. The user will find a laid-back way to send their messages. During those situations, the user can try Voice Message tool.

Let us see how to send Voice messages in Facebook using Facebook Messenger:

  • When the user wants to use the Facebook messenger, at first they have to download and run the Facebook messenger on their Android device.
  • Then the user has to select the contacts that they wish to send the voice message.
  • Now click the menu button and then choose Record Voice from the

Voice message

  • Then the user has to press the radio button to record their voice.

Voice message

  • Then they can send it.
  • The message will be look like,

Voice message

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