Facebook Photo Grabber is an application which is used for downloading facebook albums, facebook images, cover photos, timeline photos, etc. it also allows downloading photos that are liked by users. You can also download the photos in the pages that you have access. When you extract its zipped file, it will create a folder called “Download folder”, in which all the downloaded albums will be saved. It is very easy to use and it is more user-friendly.



This application can run directly on any windows machine as well as Mac machine. The user doesn’t have to install anything for this application. This is highly portable. But follow the below mentioned steps before you run Facebook photo grabber on your machine.

  • Download Facebook grabber’s Zip file.
  • Its size is only 245 kb.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file. It takes only limited space in your PC.
  • After extracting, run this application.
  • Then login with your Facebook id and password.
  • Once again login this application to access likes, public profiles etc.
  • Once if you extract the file, a folder called “download” will be created, which contains all the downloaded files.



  • This is a very simple application and easy to use.
  • This doesn’t require any installation.
  • Albums that you download can be pre-decided.
  • It is free.
  • Photos/Albums of your friends as well as the pages you like can also be downloaded.

Select the album from your friend’s profile/page which you want to download.  Then select download button. Now the selected albums will start downloading automatically in the default location.



  • Facebook photo grabber contains the following two main disadvantages
  • If you want to download any albums, the user has to scroll the friends list or pages to find them. It does not have the ability to search.
  • Simply to say, the user cannot search their friends directly from the interface, which is really an irritating job.
  • Another main disadvantage is, you cannot download your own albums, time line photos in Facebook, which is highly disappointing.


Facebook photo grabber is a useful application and it lets you to download multiple albums in a single click.


The link for downloading Facebook Photo Grabber is given below


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