How to get a verified account on twitter?

verify twitter

Have you a white check mark in a blue cloud on your twitter profile? if you had that one, your twitter account was verified. For to establish the reality of tweeters they use verification and focus on highly required users in acting, music, fashion, government, religion, media, politics, journalism, business, advertising, and other key interest areas. But the process of verification is not easy. You can make it possible by doing some work. Then you get verified account.

Getting verified

verify twitterYou Cannot Request Verification

Twitter is not used to accept the request for verification from the general public and to get verified the selection process is totally opaque. When twitter verifying accounts it won’t release the information. Your account should be famous for getting verified and it has the high risk of being satirized.

  • Twitter verifies all accounts include highly recognizable public figure (actors, artists, athletes, public officials, musicians, public or government agencies, etc.) because if your name and portrait are impersonated or parodied on multiple twitter accounts, it leading to identifying confusion.
  • Twitter won’t consider you for verification depends on your number of followers. Twitter wants to say they don’t consider the number of followers as a factor to meet their criteria for verification. Also, the number of tweets you post is unrelated.
  • Read the verified account terms to get more information. It gives you what a verified account, what it means to be verified, identifying a verified account, who has the verified badge and so on.verify twitter

Link Your Twitter Profile from Your Official Web Page

This may not help get you verified. but it helps to people know your account is reliable. In your twitter profile should include your website’s address and link to your account is more important, as linking sites from the Twitter account doesn’t demonstrate that the Twitter account is real.

This may not help get you verified. but it helps to people know your account is reliable. In your twitter profile should include your website’s address and link to your account is more important, as linking sites from the Twitter account doesn’t prove that the Twitter account is real.

  • Twitter recommends embedding a follow button on your official webpage or blog. This will confirm that your followers are easily finding your real account.
  • Also, you should link your twitter profile in other social profiles belongs to you, like Facebook, LinkedIn. These links help to make sure your profile is correct.
  • verify twitter

Wait Until Twitter’s Verified Your Account

if you qualify for a verified account, twitter will send you a direct message that you get verified. You should click on the link in a direct message to finish the process.

There are three more steps to complete the verification process:

  1. You should know how to tweet effectively.verify twitter

It offers you a choice between two tweets, you can select which one is better. It is like in the form of a quiz, but you may answer correctly there will no negative effects. It is planned to make you increase your twitter followers.

  1. You should link with other interesting twitter users

You may follow other verified accounts by connecting with other interesting twitter users. It makes you more legitimacy as a verified user.

  1. You should protect your account.

This asks you to enter your mobile number. If there is any problem with your account twitter used to call you. After completion of this steps your account will be verified.

verify twitterDon’t Change Your Account Information

Once you received your verification mark, you should keep your information as same as you mentioned such as your profile image. Otherwise, twitter can remove the verification mark and compel you to contact them again.

verify twitterMake You an Exemplary Twitter User

Even though twitter decides for a user the number of posts does not effect to verify an account. It is also very important to be an active and engaged twitter-user for the verification process. Post often, show your interest, and be topical, ask comments or questions and answer to your followers, use tags, never troll, trail other verified accounts.

verify twitterHair an Agent

Most of the celebs have maintain agents to verified their badge, they won’t verify themselves. If you find an agency with previous connections to twitter your agent lend your public figure status more legitimacy.

Step 8

Buy advertising

However, twitter doesn’t have an official posture on this. Yet, some twitter-verified companies spending $5000/month on twitter advertising will also keep (also get) your account verified.

verify twitterGet a job in a high-profile company

Twitter accept the deal with some high-profile companies like Buzzfeed. Where all of their top-ranking employees are automatically have verified accounts. This is not easy, but it’s a great option to think about it.


  1. If your twitter account is not qualifying, include a link to your page on an official website to prove your account is real.
  2. Try to get seriously for verified badge. We all want it. But don’t irritate them with requests. They are not able to give badges to just anyone.


1.Be aware on others who creating impersonation accounts of you, because having verified twitter account doesn’t stop them.

  1. Twitter will suspend your account if you add a fake verified checkmark at the end of your account header.
  2. Some of your followers have been removed after your account has been verified.

This is all about get a verified account on twitter.

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