Applications which delete your social post automatically

Now a days, Smart phones and mobile applications have become major need for human life. These phones and applications have made sharing photos, videos faster and easier than ever. But the main concern here is privacy. The photos and videos which we post always exist in our timeline. Developers have created new applications which controls who can see their posts and for how long it can exists on their profile. These apps will delete your social post automatically and you can set time limit for displaying your posts.

Here are some of the applications which control the user posts.



Snapchat is an application which popularized the concept of sending videos, photos that can self- destruct in minutes. It is used in popular social websites like Facebook and Twitter. This application was developed by Standard University students. Snapchat is a photo messaging application in which the user can take photos, record videos, add text documents, add drawings and they can send them to a list of controlled recipients.  The photos and videos which the user sends are called as “Snaps”. The user can set a time limit for how long the recipients can view their posts.  After the time, limit they will be hidden automatically from recipient’s device and it will be deleted from the Snapchat server.


social-post is an iPhone application which lets the user to take photos with their iPhone Camera and they can post it on Facebook. The posted photos can be deleted automatically within an hour, day, or a week after it posted. Deepak Touwari, a cofounder of said “Publishing is easy but privacy is so obscure”.

After taking photos with the application, the user can decide to whom they want to share and for how long they can share the photo. After the expiration time, the user’s post will be automatically deleted from Facebook and also from This application offers a convenient way to control how the user can share the photos. has three simple steps

  • The user can take a photo or they can use any of the photos from the user’s library.
  • The photos can be protected by using a safety filter.
  • They can share those photos with their facebook friends for a limited time.




Spirit is a web application for Twitter which was developed by former Twitter developer Pierre Legrain. It contains a new concept called hashtag. The users can authorize their account and they can add hashtags such as “#30m” or “#10d”, which will delete the Tweet posts after 30 minutes and 10days respectively. This application is widely used between marketing people for their promotions and contests that may end at certain time.