Social Networking Apps for Kids

There is not just one social media site or app. After Facebook, over a dozen such sites have emerged with more or less like the same features, content, and ideas. The purpose of all these sites is the same and that is to provide entertainment. But for kids and teens, not a single social media app is safe. There are many reasons for this and we will talk about it.

Why Social Networking Apps Are Not Safe for Kids?

There are so many problems with social sites. The use of these apps and sites is increasing. At the moment more than 4 billion people use Facebook; half of the world population is connected through this social networking site. The same is the case with other websites like Twitter, SnapChat, Tinder and others. The dating sites have made things worse for the kids and parents.

When it comes to the dangers of social sites for kids, there are many. Many children are bullied on social sites where others become victims of predators and sex offenders. Body shaming is also common when it comes to social media sites. All these apps affect the brain of the young kids. They become internet and phone addicts.

Below are some of the sites that are considered dangerous for kids.


Everyone knows about Facebook because it is the oldest social media website. Over half of the world population uses this social website. When it comes to the dangers of this site for teens, there are many. You will see bullying on Facebook, fraud is rife, and scams are common, adult content is increasing, porn images attract kids and now the video streaming is the most dangerous thing. Many kids and people live streamed this suicides and such content negatively impacts the brain of your children.


This app is considered the Facebook rival because both have almost liked the same features. SnapChat has no website or desktop version, rather it has a mobile app for the users. It is known for the weird and fancy filters, effects and themes that allow users to take photos and videos of different types. When it comes to the dangers, SnapChat is no different than Facebook because bullies, predators, sex offenders, and such other people are the risk for kids.

Risky Social Media Apps


People call it a social media app but it has become more like a dating app or platform. Tinder is one of the popular social sites and the reasons are many like it allows people to find their partners and matches, meet new people, date them, spend time and have sexual relationships. This is the most dangerous website for a kid if we are honest. Parents should know and use a spy app to monitor their kids on this website.

Kik Messenger

The idea of Kik social site is the same as many other apps or websites. But it has different features and designs. The users can meet new people, see their profiles, click on it, react to the profile, even get the contact details of anyone and start talking. In other words, this site connects strangers with each other and this is the thing teens and kids like the most- meeting new people. They end up dating such people and many have even harmed their lives.


Facebook owns this site and bought it like WhatsApp. This image sharing website has become very popular these days for many reasons. The brands consider it the best source for connecting with consumers, celebrities use this site and it allows users to share images and photos. The perfect body images have serious negative effects on the kids and their brain.


This new social app has gone viral and most of the teens and kids use this app. It is a bit different than other apps. It allows users to create videos and choose music files to make their videos more interesting. You will find millions of videos with every type of content that kids should not honestly view or see. This is a serious issue parent need to worry about.

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