Creamy Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse recipe

Are you fond of chocolates and sweet items? The best way to have a chocolate recipe in 5 minutes is to prepare the creamy chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse dessert is one of the best ways to enjoy sweets.

You may think that eating recipes made with sweeter ingredients may damage your health. But surely not! And can you live without sweets? I’m sorry, I can never and can’t even imagine. For those who worry about their health even if they love sweets and chocolates, this is the healthiest ways to eat chocolate mousse.

The creamy chocolate mousse is an easy chocolate mousse dessert ever. It takes not more than 5 minutes of your time. The mousse uses easily available and a few ingredients to prepare this. I’m sure, your mouth must be watering and you are eagerly waiting to know the ingredients and how to prepare.

Ingredients:healthiest creamy chocolate mousse

  • cacao powder
  • maple syrup
  • vanilla extract
  • coconut cream
  • almond milk
  • ice cubes
  • salt

Are you thinking if a tasty chocolate mousse can be made with these 5 ingredients? Yes, of course! You can taste a yummy chocolatey dessert. Here we go with its preparation.


chocolate mousse dessert

  1. Take a blending jar and add the ingredients all at once along with ice cubes.
  2. Blend it on high for a few minutes until a creamy texture is formed.
  3. Add a pinch of salt to taste which brings out the sweetness and balances the flavor.
  4. Take it into a serving bowl and top it with strawberries and choco chips. You can use anything else than these like cocoa nibs, chopped raw nuts, raspberries or something according to your taste.
  5. Let it cool for an hour or two to thicken the dessert. Now the Creamy chocolate mousse is ready.

You can enjoy a sunny day having the Creamy chocolate mousse preparing by yourself. This is the best recipe that can be easily served to those who love chocolates and sweets.

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