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TomTom Spark 3 was launched after the Spark. Spark 3 also known as the Runner 3 watch is more advanced than TomTom previous version. Like the spark 3, Spark also has the cardio and music features. The Spark 3 features GPS, multiple sports tracking, 24/7 activity tracking and a heart rate sensor. The Spark 3 is the only dedicated GPS running watch that lets you stream music without your phone.

The Spark 3 can track running, cycling, swimming, and can even monitor your sleep. Spark 3 features the built-in optical heart rate monitor to track your heart. This can be used by those who love listening to songs while doing a work since it’s capable of playing music. It stores music onboard to playback through Bluetooth-connected headphones. These are included in some package options. All this adds up to a complete package that doesn’t require either a chest strap or smartphone for tracking our activities.

The TomTom Spark 3 has an additional compass sensor that can guide you the route back to your home or start point. All these can be achieved with this device without the use of a smartphone. You can find this an ultimate choice to track you all the time with the ability to play music. The Spark 3, with all these features, costs Rs. 22,000 ($340 nearly).

Design and Features:

TomTom Spark 3

The Spark 3 has a removable watch band and there are a few color bands available. So you can fix the watch into any other Spark strap. The screen with an optical heart rate sensor built into the back. The Spark 3 looks similar to the Spark other than a few colors added to the watch. Though the look of the Spark 3 is same to that of the Spark, but the inner side of the strap is softer and more textured to remove away the sweat. You will find most of its accuracy when you use it 24/7 to track all your activities and sleep.

The Spark 3’s design, comfortability, and easy to use makes it, in all aspects, a sports watch. Like the TomTom Touch, the Spark 3 is also a waterproof watch which you can wear it while swimming. All the time when you stick this watch to your wrist, you can listen to songs and music. This can be enabled with headphones connected through Bluetooth. This can entertain you until the end of the charge.

Activity Tracking:

TomTom Spark 3

TomTom has launched the fitness watches whose main role is tracking. The Spark 3 is designed to track sports and our activities throughout a day when tied to the wrist. It also tracks our sleep and even cardio monitoring. All these are possible with the GPS tracking. You can see a daily or weekly breakdown of steps, calories, distance covered and active minutes with just a press on the left of the big physical button.

Cardio Sensor:

TomTom Spark 3

This heart rate tracking comes built into the watch by an optical HR monitor. This heart-rate monitoring sensor gives an accurate tracking result during a run. This heart-rate tracking doesn’t work for swimming. All the data gets recorded while you are tracking.


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One of the features that could be found rare in any fitness tracker is music. This will be apt for music lovers. This added feature makes it easy for them to track your activities while enjoying music. This can be achieved with the headphones connected through Bluetooth. There is a variety of wireless Bluetooth headphone available on the market.

It has 3GB of storage which is more than enough for a small device to store music. Moreover, it’s good to hear that a fitness tracking watch can help you listen to songs without your smartphone. This can be enjoyable while going out for a walk or run with a Bluetooth headphones.

Route Exploration:

TomTom Spark 3

The new route exploration feature in the Spark 3 will make to skip from the other fitness trackers. The route exploration helps you bring to the start point if you have lost your way. The watch will navigate your way back to home or start showing the route on the watch screen. You can find this quite easier even if your land in a new or unknown place. This allows you to add routes to the watch. Usually, we get this feature in more expensive sports watches.

Thanks to TomTom for adding a compass sensor to the Spark 3. This isn’t available in any of the previous launches of the TomTom. While getting out for running, the first thing you need to do is to just calibrate the compass. For this, go to the sensors section inside the watch settings. Rotate the module in different directions to get the route and now you can start tracking your run. The Spark 3 has the ability to upload routes. MapMyRun can do all that you want to upload the route.


There’s a MySport web app which offers the same data as the smartphone app. This app can help you to drill into all of your activities to see aspects like splits, heart rate graphs, mapped running routes and details on pace and stride rate. You can also upload trails to the watch. This can be done on the mobile app. You can still pull your data into third party apps including Strava, Runkeeper, and MapMyRun.

There is one negative feature with the Spark 3. There’s no notification support in this fitness tracking watch. Whereas we can find this with the original Spark. Although it’s just a software update away from making it a reality. But it’s not sure that we can get this in the coming versions of Spark in the future.

Battery Life:

TomTom Spark 3 can get its battery for a good five hours of GPS, HR, and music on the go. The watch can last for around 11 hours on a single charge when using only GPS. It’s quite impressive that the music plays for 5 long hours with a charge. This will result in being pretty accurate. To get this watch charged, you are provided with a USB cable. A full charge of the battery of the Spark 3 fitness tracker will take nearly 2 hours.


TomTom Spark 3

The TomTom Spark 3 is a fitness tracking watch that features with activity tracking, Route exploration, Cardio tracking, and more. A music player is added with all these features in this version launched by TomTom. This can be fit to your wrist 24/7 to track you all the time. The extra music playback and heart rate monitoring will let everyone to add this tracking watch on their favorite list.

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