Creative Ways to Use Ketchup for Housekeeping

Tomata Ketchup or Tomato Sauce


Whether you eat chicken fries, burger or pizza, tomato sauce is used as the main combination to eat with them. Some people do not like this. They put the sauce down in vain. Without doing so, we could use the tomato sauce for some cleaning work.

In this article, we will see how to use tomato sauce as a cleaning agent.

Tomato is naturally acetic. When it is used as a ketchup, the vinegar in it adds more acid. That’s why it’s easily used to do cleaning work. This method is more efficient than other cleaning systems. Clean easily in a natural way. So you can easily clean your home and garden without having to work hard.


clean your copper vessels with tomato ketctup

Cooking in copper is good for the health. But the hardest thing in this is to clean up and maintain it. Using tomato ketchup, it is easier to clean the copper bowl. Apply tomato sauce in the copper vessel for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe out with a soft cloth and wash the copper vessel with warm water.

If you have stained blemishes then add some salt to it and it will fly away. This method can be used to clean copper jewels also.


clean your brass vessels with tomato ketctup

Brass is used in household goods. The door handle, the household utensils, the idols, the pipe lamp are mostly made of brass. Black colored patches will form when brass gets older. Tomato Ketchup’s acid can easily remove these stains. Pour ketchup in a bowl and wash or wipe your brass utensils with that. At the same time, you can soak small brass items in tomato sauce and it will show you a better improvement.


clean your silver vessels with tomato ketctup

Silver has to be protected well. It can be interconnected with air and will change to copper oxide which results in black stains on your silver items. So to get rid of this soak the silver vessel in tomato ketchup for 5-10 minutes.

Do not soak too long. As ketchup has more acid and it may damage your silver jewelry. Use an old brush to clean silver jewelry or use a cloth and swipe with it. Then wash off with warm water, and your silver jewelry will shine like fresh.

Strong black stains on cooking vessels

Clean your cooking vessels with tomato sauce

If you forget the bowl in the oven or stove while cooking, then it creates strong stains. You will keep on rubbing to clean it but it won’t go away. Here is the one of the coolest tips for housewives.

Pour the tomato ketchup into a bowl and add some water and heat it on the stove. Ketchup water should not get drained. If you soak the vessel all over the night, it’s enough to clean away the black stains in the vessel.

Clean and Make your car shine


clean your car with tomato sauce

The tomato sauce will remove dust easily from the car. So your car shines like something new. Always clean your car with soap and water, take tomato sauce in a cloth and rub it over the car and then clean it with water. Your car shines like a new car.

Iron Rust

Clean Iron rust with tomato ketchup

Are the tools used for your gardens like scissor, axe, and blades get rusted? Do not worry tomato ketchup makes a magic. It can easily clean not only gardening tools and even any rustic materials. Apply tomato sauce on rusted area and rinse after a while to wash away the rust. If you have little more stains, wash it with soda and water and rinse it with ketchup.

Renewal of garden tools

Clean garden tools with tomato ketchup

Plantation tools should be carefully guarded in due time to keep the way it from rust. You can use this tomato sauce to protect it. During the night, pour the tomato sauce and spread tomato sauce all over the side of cutting tools and wash it in the morning. It will look like a new blade.

Pet Dogs Stench

Clean Pet dogs with Tomato sauce

You can use tomato sauce to get rid of this. If you put tomato sauce on your pet and soak it for 10-20 minutes, then the odor on it will go away. After using it, do a shampoo bath for the pet dog, it is enough to get rid of the stench.

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