Lenovo Smart Running Shoes Review

Lenovo Smart Running Shoe

Lenovo Smart Running Shoe is a prototype product but it’s you know quite finished corners and quite well manufactured. No idea here is well to give you a real honest to God smart shoe. So you have LED lights right here in case you want to go running at night the shoe has a customizable insole. It also has trackers inside of it to measure your step counts and measuring your activity. How far you’ve gone things like that does have some really cool features, for instance, this apparently can be used to play games.

Lenovo Smart Running Shoe LED Lights

We don’t really know what that looks like right now but I’m imagining some kind of dance revolution where it’s measuring your activity of measuring how you’re moving combining with a smartphone app to let you. You know to control the game with your feet beyond that it has a little button down here that gives you personalized news updates based on your activity. Again we don’t really know what that would look like or how what kind of shape that would take but would most likely combine with a companion smartphone app to do so now because this is a prototype product. We do have no information on pricing or availability. But this is one of the no those thinking about when it’s you know when things about the Internet and connected everything they want to put sensors in your shoes and basically make you have smart clothing up and down your entire body

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