Meet the ‘puppybot’: Disney unveils new prototype Robot that moves just like a real dog

Puppybot Prototype Robot


Disney’s animation style is unique. Disney is now developing a number of new technologies. According to which the Disney Research Organization has now released a fantastic prototype robot that moves like a real dog which is appealing. The company reported that especially these robots have been developed with new technologies.


It is said that the computer system uses a library of components to create possible robotic designs. And the new robots that are coming up now have an artificial intelligence technology.

Disney system

The Disney system said that by integrating the possible arrangements of technologies, the Disney system could create a simple-to-use robotics device. The researchers say Disney’s capable robots have the ability to keep track of the best input motion trends.


Robots are used as stunt twins in some of the latest action protagonists and are also used in live dramatic shows at Walt Disney’s own theme parks and resorts. Autonomous, self-adjusted airborne players are eligible to ensure a safe landing in high-flying adventures.

Walt Disney

It is noteworthy that the latest robots were created by the Walt Disney Virtual Research and Development Company in Los Angeles. Soon the Disney system is expected to introduce various new technologies.

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