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The best portable Bluetooth speaker 2016

For as long as they can be portable Bluetooth speakers are surprisingly subtle gadgets don’t think you really need one until you’ve tried one or in my case about ten of them. Once you start bringing a speaker with you to the beach in the park and yes even the shower. You’ll be shocked how much you enjoy having crisp clear music at a moment. Pretty much every consumer electronics brand with an audio department has slapped their logo on its shape speaker. There are hundreds upon hundreds of super cheap ones with subpar sound finding the best one one that will last and sounds good in basically any situation that involves a little bit of research and maybe a bit of compromising at around one hundred to two hundred fifty bucks for a decent Bluetooth speaker. It’s not a trivial purchase but there’s good news. Your choice isn’t all that hard to years ago we said the best portable blue speaker you could buy was the logic take you. We wouldn’t be too disappointed if that’s the one you picked up right now today.

Logitech UE Boom 2

But there’s an even better choice. It’s the Logitech UE Boom 2 as you’re now familiar cylindrical designed for that gives a great 360degree sound. Plus it comes in a series of neat colored combos. As for the upgrades the speaker is now more durable and more importantly, it’s waterproof. That means you can stand up on the side of a hot tub or even take it to the beach without thinking twice. That’s not to say the Boom2 is the best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s a bit lacking in bass response and tends to sound best when pumping right pop music or really busy electronic but considering its other perks the boom to performs well and enough genres and situations to please most people. You can also pair it you another you leave the room to really fill the gaps. It also gets about 15hours of battery life which are pretty normal yet its range is stellar I walked about 30feet away from in a crowded part before the sound began cutting out. At 200dollars, it’s one of the more expensive options in the field but if you’re looking for the most well-run speakers with really good sound. You can’t go wrong with a lot to take you a Boom2.

Beoplay A1

A close second is the Beoplay A1. It’s a 250dollars speaker that kind of looks like an aluminum water canteen. But it’s still attractive and it’s really well made put its looks aren’t just what make it special. It also sounds incredible the A one has full rich omnidirectional sound for pretty much every genre of music classical, jazz, hip hop, rock a one can do it all. And it’s loud like really really loud this thing can fill your entire apartment with crisp audio to the point of competing with a surround set up in a subwoofer there are tradeoffs the IT ones ranges on the shorter side and it charges using the USB type C which can be pretty annoying. Unless you happen to have a few extra type C cables lying. Luckily the I want has twenty-four-hour battery life to tide you over for long weekend trips another downside. It’s not very durable nor is it waterproof it can get pretty beat up like-minded if you throw it into a bag with your keys.

Beats Pill+

There are countless Bluetooth speakers to choose from but here are two that you should skip right away the Beats Pill+ is just overpriced if it were one hundred or even fifty bucks cheaper. It would be a better deal. Instead, you’re paying 230dollars that’s thirty more than the Boom 2 for a device that doesn’t sound anywhere near as good.

Then there’s the Amazon Tap the speaker has enormous potential but right now I don’t recommend spending your money on it. It has the Alexa voices system built in Except you can’t talk to it like you will do it in the echo. Instead, you have to hold down a button on the speaker to activate the voice control. Oh and one more thing. It sounds kind of bad. So the bottom line here Amazon may have a killer Bluetooth speaker on its hands in a few years for the second or maybe a third generation model but not right now the truth about Bluetooth speakers is that they pretty much all do the same thing connect to your phone and play music. If you’re not a stickler for sound quality. You can just get one that looks cool and doesn’t cost you much.

The best Bluetooth speaker Logitech UE Boom2

But if you want the best one the one that is going to Boom2 you out when you turn it on two years from now takes latest model is the way to go.

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