Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10

Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10

Do you have troubles in recovering deleted files from Windows 10 ? Now WikiMonks Data Recovery Wizard will make the troubles easy and simple for you to free recover deleted files from Windows  10.

How many of you guys always be thinking about how to recover deleted files from Windows 10? The problem happens all the time though how to recover deleted files from Windows. It will sometimes still hurt when we can’t find the complete methods to get the lost files back. If you carelessly deleted important Windows 10 files! What will you do then ? or Do you know how to perform recycle bin recovery for Windows 10? Do you have any idea For file recovery software for any  recommended solutions?

In this article. I  would like to introduce you some effective, free and secure methods to help you recover the deleted files easily from Windows 10.

Free methods to restore/recover deleted files from Windows 10

In this, i am going to introduce free three  methods to help recover deleted files from Windows 10.

No.1 Restore deleted files from recycle bin

If you deleted or lost your files from your Windows 10 desktop, you can try to restore them from recycle bin. You can also open the recycle bin and choose files inside and then right click on it by choosing “Restore”.

No. 2 Created file with originally lost file name

If you can not find any files or data in the recycle bin, then you can try this method. Create an exact same file with the same name of lost files. Then Check the “Properties” and choose the “Previous Version”. Then select the right file version to restore. This requires you to remember all the lost files names. And this may not work for the restoring media files such as audios or videos. This will help you if you wanna restore the document files.

No. 3 Free Windows 10 data recovery software

If you find the above two methods does not work for your case, then you to must need a professional data recovery tool. Here we recommend you to try WikiMonks free recovery software. It is 100% free and secure to restore all the lost data. It also supports to recover up to 2GB files for free in Windows 10. The risks don’t meet in this. You may have a doubt that how to get it ? Tap the download button and you can also get a free Windows 10 data recovery software right now. You can recover deleted files from Windows 10 directly.

Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10 with EaseUS Data Recovery Software(Video Tutorial Included)

Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10


If you want to restore more than 2GB files and the files and data on your computer. A professional data recovery software or the method what you need. Losing files on Windows 10 may do not seem like a big case. On concord, it may still lead to a serious loss. To recover the loss you may upgrade the free data recovery software into a pro version WikiMonks Data Recovery Wizard. It provides simplified operating steps with powerful data recovery capacity for the inexperienced users to solve the complex  data troubles such as Windows 10 NTFS recovery.

Do not ever bother how to recover deleted files from Windows 10 anymore. WikiMonks Data Recovery Wizard can do more for you. You may download it right here and then apply it to help you out of complex data cases. Recover deleted files from Windows 10 with professional WikiMonks Data Recovery Wizard now. Follow below video tutorial.