Did you found  Someone’s lost Smartphone?

Finding Someone’s Lost Smartphone

Maybe sometimes you might lose your phone. It is every time good to know what to do if that situation comes, but there is beside to that story: what if you are the person who Finding a lost smartphone? You will be surprised at how many people don’t know what to do when they find unknown person’s phone—and really, there isn’t a single “right” answer. But there are few things we should remember to give their mobile return.

Keep It Charged and Connected

Finding Someone’s Lost Smartphone

One time I was at Old Navy and suddenly the pants at the back of mine started ringing. At first, I didn’t understand from where the ringing was coming, but it did not take much time to find out what is going on here: someone had tried pants on, put the phone in the pocket (who does that?), and forgot to take it out. So he called his lost phone continuously until someone answered. That someone was me. He had no idea where he lost the phone, which is perhaps pretty common thing when someone loses their phone. But he came back to Old Navy, I gave him his phone, and we went on about our day. This is most probably common situation when dealing with a lost phone, but it will not happen all the time same so we should know what to do if anyone lost their mobile.
There is a better chance the person who missed the mobile will want to track or call it when they recognise mobile is missing, so it is better to keep their mobile charged and connected to the internet. If the phone is active on a cellular network, no need to worry about last part, but due to any reason it is an inactive phone, try keeping it on Wi-Fi. This maybe not happens if it has a secured lock screen, but at least you tried. Every few changes will help.
Basically, if the phone expires it is almost useless because calls will not come through and there is no way to track it if it is dead. So do them a favour and confirm it’s juiced at the very least.

Turn It Into the Place Where You Found ItFinding Someone’s Lost Smartphone

This one is not every time a no-brainer because it is not always that easy. You have to use your best judgement here because many organisations will just throw the phone in a storage bin and wait for someone to come in looking for it—they don’t check it for calls, confirm whether it is charged, or what you should do with a lost phone. What’s more, if the mobile owner doesn’t know where he lost, they may not at all walk back into that business again.
That said, it’s still the right thing to do if you don’t want to take the responsibility of the mobile owner will come back and take it.
But you should also remember that there are conditions where it doesn’t make sense to give the phone to a business—like if you find it outside, for example, if you find the mobile in front of you does not mean that the owner was in that place. In that condition, they’d perhaps never find it.

Don’t Look at Their StuffFinding Someone’s Lost Smartphone

Think of all the information you have on your phone: social network connections, personal pictures , banking information, etc. Do you want someone looking at that? I sure as misery don’t. And it should really go without telling, but I’m going to say it anyway: if you find a mobile which doesn’t have a secured lock screen, don’t use it. It is not the right thing to do.

However, you should almost certainly verify the contacts list. A lot of times people will store some favourites or starred contacts set, and that’s a good think because you will understand who to call if you are trying to find the owner down. Generally, I would look for the most telling names—wife, hubby, lower face , bae, boo—you know, the things that all people lists their important other as. In the case, if there is no important other, you can just try calling the first person on the list. Or even the last person in the recent calls list, but at that point, you’re on the initial point of getting a little too friendly with unknown members phone. Step carefully, the honest one.
These are the steps to be taken for finding lost Smartphone when anyone lost around your places.

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