Do you forget the enjoyment of the student’s life with a load of books and papers? The external hard drives are there to solve almost 80% of your storage problems. The necessary documents will be available at the fingertips. When file transferring is the better option, rather than creating backups for the files, so there is no reason to access cloud storage.

external hard drives

Online education norm makes the students more and more flexible in getting extra storage space apart from their laptops and cloud storage. Now students are getting more options for their external hard drives, which are more compatible with their required iOS and Windows. Even these high configuration external hard drives can work faster than HDD devices.

What are the different types of External Hard Drives in the Market?

We can sort out the storage devices into two sections- HDD (hard drive disk) device and SSD (solid-state drives) devices. Usually, the HDD storage is slower than an SSD, so if the students are willing to choose any better devices, then it should be an SSD device.

The SSD devices are also more durable than HDD devices. The HDD devices are larger in size. The presence of a magnetic disk makes the HDD device more fragile than small and robust SSD devices.

Many high configuration storage software is also available in the market, just, which is very compatible with Macbook. Other than these transfer speeds, there are more criteria applicable for choosing external hard drives for students.


The security of the data is in your hands. If you keep any secretive date in the hard drive then the encryption process is there to help you and keep your data safe.

The physical lock system password-protected hard drives also can save your data from thieves. The software encryption process is another way to lock your data, which is almost available for every moderate configuration hard drive. Read more about the best external hard drives for security here.


If you want a simple portable hard drive then any wired hard drive will work fine for you but if you want a large storage high-speed device then surely you need to focus on high configuration external hard drives.

The small size and portable hard drive with strong, colorful hardcover make any students fall for it. These high configuration hard drives even go with any operating system.


The compatibility is almost a non-negotiable component. Most of the hard drives are regularly updating for the newer operating system. But very rarely, some of the high configuration external hard drives are not compatible with significantly fewer operating systems.

Students who want to purchase it should be more careful about the product feature checking; because the formatting process of the drives is almost irreversible. Students who are looking for Mac and Windows compatibility issues need to start using an NTFS for Mac to ensure seamless work.

Storage capacity and Transfer Speed:

The high speed of data transfer is a significant character of high configuration external hard drives. If the hard drive is 50% full, then transfer speed can be interrupted for low-quality drives. Not every high storage capacity hard drive has the ability to fast data transfer.

This feature is only applicable to good configuration devices. The storage capacity of 1TB is now available within a very low budget of 64GB hard drives, which is more profitable for any students.


SSD storage drives are more durable than HDD drives, but many cheap and low-quality products do not give unbreakable rugged hardcover. Which is almost an unattainable part of the SSD external hard drives, these hardcovers save the storage unit from any types of external force and damage.

Apart from physical connecting equipment, these modern hard drives are more durable than wired HDD devices. When it comes to student use, ensuring the durability of the hard drive is critical.

The Final Word

These all five criteria should be carefully checked before purchasing the external hard drives. In the modern electronic market, there are many types of high configuration portable hard drives available, which are very suitable for students and fit into their budget.

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