Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student

Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student

It is the time to go back to school, means high school and college students overall the world have been probably groaning at the thought of studying hard and going to class daily whereas Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student. Nevertheless, you don’t need to go to school alone! We covered plenty of ways, technology helps students.

As the apps are great for assisting the college life of yours, did you ever think about an operating system (OS) change as the step to make you a good student? If you have stuck with Windows then all your life will be a big fan of Mac OS X. By using Linux, this school year makes you a good student in different ways. Let us look here how to add Linux to your life makes your year awesome.

Save Money on a New OS or Laptop

For most of them, the computers are affordable as they are not the expense. A low-end Windows machine costs a few hundred dollars still and obviously, you will be putting out around $1,000 for cheapest current MacBook.

Being 100% free, Linux, saves you a lot of money in this department, no matter your current station. If you have a shortage of cash and buy something cheap without an OS installed and put Linux on it yourself and want a new machine as well as you can build your own PC.

If you missed the Windows 10 upgrade for free of cost and wants to jump to a modern OS, then you can replace the windows version with Linux for free of cost.

Linux provides you fully functional OS at no cost at no cost, add many free alternatives to similar software and you got a heck of a deal. Of course, Chromebooks are cheap and great for specific markets and the Chrome OS offers more than the basics if you need traditional software then you will be going out of luck.

Investing money on a computer is less, OS and for apps means, we should spend more money on the essentials such as books and pizza!

It’s Easy to Use

At first glance, Linux is not user-friendly but that is only for the people whoever trusts the lie that Linux is totally about the command line. In fact, if you don’t want you any need to touch the terminal in daily use and a lot of Linux distributions rival OS X and Windows in visual appeal and user friendliness. If you want to install some software basic such as browse the Web and LibreOffice, you won’t have many problems with Linux.

Additionally, being on Linux means you no need to deal with annoying Windows problems. We all are familiar with those issues plaguing Windows 10 as well it is annoying when you troubleshoot problems with Windows Update. As a student your time is valuable, you don’t need to waste it fixing OS problems on Linux.

If you are concerned about choosing the best flavor of Linux, the best distros checking out for users coming from other OSes.

Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Probably if you won’t spend much time fixing problems on Linux, there is an initial learning curve just as switching from Mac to Windows. You probably should spend some time Googling queries such as “how do I do X on Linux?” doing this not only improves your Google skills but also helps you in phrasing particular questions and finding relevant help online.

New Perfect skills that students should have!

If you dig a little deeper into Linux, you may probably stumble and fall a bit in the starting itself. That’s okay! Learning how the OS works and how the features compare to huge operating systems makes you a more well-rounded computer user that is beneficial to you in school and also in life.

Add to Your Geek Credentials

There are many things to learn about Windows but if you look to become a certified geek, it is a great idea to learn Linux. Even though if you are not accessing computer as related major and spending time with Linux in your leisure moments increases your computer credentials and makes you more appealing to employers.

Linux runs more devices in the world than you think and it is been nearly a long time as Linux itself is a branch of Unix which is created earlier, so learning about it means learning about a lot of early computing. There is a massive online community that helps you learn about Linux, so you will be never alone if you have queries.

Learning Linux is gaining experience with the terminal. At the time of first clunky, it is an awesome feeling to be able to zip through a bunch of operations by using the command line, make sure to avoid deadly commands.

With a bit of practice, running system tools with just a few keystrokes you will create files and folders installing software. That’s an education not often taught inside the classroom these days.

Customise it to Your Needs

It doesn’t require what you are studying, Linux is totally customizable in reflecting your needs. The initial distribution you choose and you have complete control over how the Linux feels and looks.

You probably ran into issues where Windows won’t let you modify setting you to think should be mutable and recently Apple has been decreasing OS X’s customising potential, if you need to tweak your OS to be just a certain way then Linux is the place.

Your computer becomes a tool that comes with the software, setup you need and specific settings, instead of a hassle holding you back from getting work done that helps you succeed in school. If you are not interested in how Linux does something out of the box, you can modify it and learn the process.

Students Love Linux

We took a look at a few reasons why Linux is great for students ? While other OSes are not necessarily bad for students maybe you have to run Windows to use the specific software for classes, though you can still run Windows in a virtual machine on Linux. If you need to keep the costs down, learn while you are using your computer and set everything to be the way you want it, Linux is for you.

Looking for the perfect flavour of Linux for heading back to school? Check out the comparison of ours regarding the best educational Linux distributions. If you’re still not sure about the platform read up debunked Linux misconceptions.

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