Best Programming Languages to learn

languagesGiven below languages are the best programming languages in 2016 mostly used all over the world. We have Preselected tried and tested some programs for you.

Learn Java Online



What is Java: Java in the sense isn’t coffee it is a computer programming language that has been from 1990’s. In spite of being the language open source, means anyone can use it freely, It is present owned and maintained by the Oracle corporation. Java is designed to be a language that can run on any device, so this language can be used for software development for computers , smartphones and also for smart Tv.

Why we should learn it: Java is most demand language. Both small and large businesses are powered by the applications written in it. If you are having any idea of starting a new business in the software field , java is the best options for you. The same idea is true for applying in the New android Because Java is the best option for android app.

Applications and examples : Many of the top popular Android applications like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga had written in Java. Also, it is true for most proprietary Business Software   like Airlines, Government agencies and Fortune 500 uses daily.

Job Titles/Companies That require such Programmers : Because it is most Widely used language, companies recruit Java Programmers in different job titles. The different job titles are given to people like Solution Developer, JEE Application Developer, Software Engineer and Senior Java Developer who program Java by their own. Companies like ebay, JPmorgan and Google readily recruit Java Programmers.

Learn C Online


What is C Language: Many People in the Program Community think that C is the Basic program to learn remaining languages. That is for 2 reasons the first reason is C language was Developed in1970’s because the size of computers is like entire room. And the Second reason was many of the languages like java, C++ And python are partial of C. In spite of its age C is using till now because it is relevant for many years.

C implements a procedure that wants to be a small memory as possible.

Why you should learn C: Most of the programmers know many languages. If u wished to know more than one language starting from c language is a good idea. As with all things valuable starting with C comes slightly steep learning graph for some. However, it should not be a restriction after learning C because you will find easy to learn the modern languages like objective C, C++,PHP and many others.

Applications and examples: As you realized that C is a rather power language, it is designed to be in this way. C is the Perfect language due to its power when y e for many of the famous operating systems like Windows , OSX, and Linux. Our need exact control of your software. That is the reason C is the backbone and almost computerized devices are written c language fully or partially. C language is mostly used in some capacity to convert microwaves into remote controllers and calculators into databases space shuttles.

Job Titles /Companies that need such programmers: As discussed above C is relevant for many years. So that good job is available for superb programmers. People who know the c language can have different jobs like operating system programmer, Scientific programmer, Systems programmer. Corporate opportunities and Research oriented operations are available.

Learn C++ Online


What is C++: The C++ is having more features for all intents and Purposes. The both technologies C and C++ are considered as general purpose languages. Usually, C is used for “close to the machine” software such as operating systems and C++ is normally used for high-level applications such as accounting software or video game engines.

Purpose Of C++:For large software projects like web browsers,computer graphics drivers, and financial trading algorithms, C++ is the best choice. This language has an additional feature called object oriented programming which C does not have. For this reason, C++ is more suitable for some task that C will be entirely difficult or time consumption is more.

Applications and examples: Today many of most popular games like call of duty, Halo and Fifa are written in C++.Large budget computer Animation studios like Pixar ,Disney and Dream works use C++ language in their software animation. Due to its speed and Strongness C++ is used to write proprietary high-frequency trading algorithms which allow wall street firms to trade thousands of shares within fractions of seconds.

Job titles /companies which need C++:For C++ development job seekers Graphical user interface developer , game developer, and animation programmer. Activision, Bank of America, Pixar are the companies recruit talented C++ programmers to help in-house software.

Learn C# Online:


What is C#: C# is developed in the year 2000. It was considered to be a general purpose language for Microsoft products. It is used to develop a standard windows software and server side applications. It is part of Microsoft’s . NET family which is having more other languages sometimes combine with C# on big projects.

Why Should We Learn C#: If you have an interest in windows specific application or you want to develop a website which runs on windows Server then C# is a good choice. Although it is not popular as PHP, Java but C# is slowly rising popularity every year from its beginning.

Applications and examples: Because of C# designed by Microsoft to run on their products it is safe to presuppose web applications like BING and MSN will use. It is also used in mobile phone applications for the windows phone OS.

Job titles/companies which need such programmers: So many companies that want to recruit .NET programmers instead of specialized developers they are looking for full stack developers. Full stack programmers are capable of contributing every part of a project from front end to back end. If you know multiple .NET languages this means that C# positions are available however you are more desirable.

Python Learn Online:


What is Python: Python is found in the year 1990’s and it is known as general purpose language. As this language is designed to be highly readable so it made the beginners very easy to learn. In spite of relatively small learning curve, it still packs the power do very cool stuff such as scientific computing, web development, and 3D rendering.

Why you should learn python: If you want to jump directly into programming with relative easiness you’d have learned python. Not like lower languages such as c and java python can be picked up with quick space. This is making the python a good beginner friendly language.

Applications and examples: Python is used in some applications like Instagram, Youtube, and Reddit. Due to these applications are large, so many technologies involved in this, however, python has played a big role in starting this.

Job titles/Companies that need such programmers: Because of python used in different ways there are jobs available in every market. Titles like Data analyst, Network security developer, Web application developer and IT Auditor are common. Companies like Google and Youtube always search for top notch python programmers.

Learn JavaScript Online


What is JavaScript: People who don’t have any idea about computer programming , often don’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript. This is originally known as ECMAscript , however, due to java is most popular at that time the creators changed the name as javascript to attract a lot of people. Not only the name it is having another reason that is these languages are very little common.

Why You Should Learn JavaScript: If you have an interest in front end web design you should learn Javascript. That is used for adding interactivity to web pages. Pages without Javascript relatively is plain because Javascript allows better animation design and control over the web interface. Even though it is mainly used in front-end development, frameworks like node. Javascript allows writers to use back end software also.

Applications and examples: It is used by 88% of the websites. when you think how many websites are available online 88% is more. Odds are when you use pages that have background effects, drop down menus and other page animations it uses Javascript in some capacity.

Job titles/ Companies that need such programmers : Java script programmers are also known as front end developers, web interface designers, and internet application designers. Both small companies Stuller Inc and large companies like Samsung hire Javascript programmers.

Job titles/Companies that need such programmers: Since there are many sites written in PHP ,people who are Learn PHP Online:


What is PHP: PHP is another c decedent: PHP is written by using the C language. As a result, it takes over some of C’s power. Basically, C language is used for low-level development whereas PHP is used for web applications such as facebook.

Why Should We Learn PHP: If you have any of creating a new website, PHP is the most practical language than C or this the reason PHP is the perfect language for people who want to go without experience to develop web applications within short span of time.

Applications and examples: PHP has used over 200 billion websites this results that how popular is this language true. It is also used in some of the world’s most visited sites like Yahoo and capable of maintaining and upgrade them are always having the demand. While standard jobs available for PHP developeself employmentent this skill is a better option. Once you become an expert in PHP you can easily exchange

Learn Ruby Online:


What is Ruby: Same as like python Ruby is also powerful yet easy to learn programming language. Ruby has been roughly around as long as python, it is not popular until its rails framework was developed. Framework is an additional in a computer language which performs a task fast or easier. Rails is a framework that makes web development in ruby sensitive.

Why you should Learn Ruby: As discussed in the above Ruby is very similar to python. However, Ruby had a style where some program is unappealing, this result that python is given an edge over the Ruby. It does not be considered as a mark because the developer of Ruby pointed out, that everyone style will be different so some programmers might consider Ruby rather python or vice versa. This is the reason so we are encouraging you to try Ruby and observe that if it fits your style.

Application and examples: There are two different programs written in   Ruby are Metasploit and twitter. Metasploit is the one of the most famous information security tool used by the individuals companies for more security. Twitter is famous social media all over the world which was developed by the Ruby.

Job titles/Companies that need such programmers: Only some jobs available for pure Ruby programmers and many positions are available for Rails programmers. These programmers are normally work in startup companies and also in mid-sized companies because the Rails are used as website prototyping language.

Learn SQL Online:


What is SQL: SQL is used as special purpose language. The name special purpose language implies that it is used for specific purpose and it is opposite to that of general purpose languages like the others will be mentioned so far.SQL was design to manage the data easily which was held in database systems by the programmers.

Why you should learn SQL: If you have an interest in learning a database then you should have the interest to learn SQL. This language comes under many different dialects. If you are expert in one taking one become unimportant.

Applications and examples: Systems like MYSQL, Oracle and Postgresql are used in the hospitals, governments and banking organized. Until you are the database admin you don’t come into contact with the database directly.The user will use the software or web applications which will search the data from the database that they need.

Job titles/Companies that they need such programmers: Not like other programming jobs which contain many different titles, Normally people who choose SQL on daily bases are known as database administrators. From storing a patient’s records and a car parts inventory, every business can use and benefit from using the database system. That means there are many jobs for database administrators.


Learn Objective C Online:


What is Objective C: Objective C can be considered as the C# of OSx and also IOS world. The Objective C was released by the Apple computer company in the year 1980 When it was a young company. From then onwards Objective C has become the de facto language for software develop Apple products including the iPhone and the iPod.

Why you should learn Objective C: If you have an interest in writing the applications for Mac Books, iPhones or iPods then you should use Objective C. Not like open source language such as C which will be used without question, Objective C is proprietary, means you should follow rules and guidelines given by the Apple.

Applications and examples: If you are using an Apple product the applications contained in it should run by using the Objective C. IPhone apps like Instagram, uber and snapchat are all depend in Objective C to run smoothly.

Job titles/companies that need such programmers: The Companies that look for Objective C programmers are old and new iPhone application development companies. Apple is presently rolling on a new language known as swift which is desire to replace Objective C. In spite of this Objective C is a marketable skill because it is so popular and it is relevant for many years.

These are the brief introduction of all the Programming languages that help you to hire for a best companies.