When the Nintendo 64 games were introduced into the gaming sector, gamers were astonished to see how real the graphics are. By then the concept of 3D gaming existed which resulted in better characters, screenplay, audio quality, making all of us fall in love with the storyline and characters. With the 3d gaming coming into full force, the characters were given life in a way no one had ever seen before. Though not all N64 games could survive the test of time, there are still a few that gamers prefer to play. We have listed the steps that would enable you to play N64 games on your PC if you enjoy playing them.

Nintendo 64 games

What is project 64?

Project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator, designed using the C-programming language for Microsoft Windows. It’s open-source and free software that allows third party groups to utilize their plugins for implementing particular components into the game. Project 64 is equipped to play Nintendo 64 games on a PC reading Nintendo64 ROMs. Furthermore, project 64 is considered to be one of the best performance emulators that are still used today and the best emulator for playing Nintendo 64 games. It is an extremely compatible emulator that doesn’t need a basic input-output system for its functioning. Project 64 has all basic features which are found in other emulators, support multiplayer, and lets users alternate the aspect ratio without dropping the gaming quality.

Steps to follow for playing your favorite Nintendo 64 games (N64)

To play your favorite Nintendo 64 games on your computer, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Downloading Project64

As we already said, this emulator is the best for playing N64 games. It is currently available as well in the market. Always know that the best emulators bare available on their official website, so to download project 64, please visit http://www.pj64-emu.com/.

  • Now click on the yellow button on the screen which says GET PROJECT 64.
  • Click on its latest version.
  • If “illegal download attempt” pops up on the screen, choose the second latest version of project 64.
  • Once it’s downloaded, open setup project64.exe and install the emulator into your device.

When you visit the official site of the project 64 emulator, you would be asked to choose between project64 android or windows version. You can select any of the two and download it.

Step 2: Select the emulator

If you need Nintendo 64 ROMs for your project 64,

  • visit ROMsMode.com
  • Now choose a preferable N64 ROM
  • Click on the ” download now” button to save the new game on your device.

Step 3: Add the games

For adding more N64 games,

  • visit http://www.coolrom.com/roms/n64/all/
  • Download the game of your choice
  • Create a folder in your device and save all games there
  • Now click on project 64 and select File
  • Go to “Choose ROM directory”
  • Select the folder where you’ve added your games
  • Add other downloaded games there and get your account game list ready.

Step 4: Playing the Games!

For playing any of your downloaded games, Double click on the game you want to play. To win your game, you can use cheat codes. For that, press Ctrl+C. A list of cheat codes would pop up on your screen. Enable the ones you want to use while playing.

So that’s the steps you need to follow to enjoy playing N64 games on your computer. N64 is most probably the first game we ever played in our lives. Back in the 90s, this was one of the top gaming consoles. Since then, the gaming industry has advanced and evolved a lot, delivering much better games to us.

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