Download HD Videos From YouTube And Vimeo

download HD videos

YouTube has become a part of our lives since years as it serves more than some millions and billions of videos that cover all the sections. These include tech videos, how to videos, food recipes, craft works, and many others. Each day, it shows more than 5 billion views with an average video session of 40 minutes. And how to download HD videos from this website?

You might watch thousands of videos relating your day to day life. Among those, you may like a few and want to download those. However, all the video that you watch might not be HD. Some have taken with their smartphone and some with their camera. So all may not be that clear that all are HD videos. Although, people would like to watch a clean and clear video that they wish would be HD. Instead, they enjoy watching interesting videos with HD quality. So you may go along with HD video on YouTube.

Similar to YouTube, Vimeo there is an another website through which you can share videos. Vimeo helps you share, upload, download, and view videos. And do you know that Vimeo is the first video sharing website to support High-Definition videos? But it hasn’t reached the users up to an extent which YouTube has gone. Even though, Vimeo has viewers almost equal to YouTube but not exactly. Most of the videos on the Vimeo website are the animated videos. This would look interesting for children and all those who love animated videos and pictures.

What if you love a particular video on YouTube or Vimeo? I’m sure, you would like to watch it again and again. And if there is no Internet or data connection for your mobile or the device through which you wish to watch, What is that you can do? Nothing can be done then. Instead, you can download your favorite HD video from YouTube or Vimeo and save them in your storage. So this will be useful for you to remember all your favorite videos whenever you wish.

How will you download HD videos from YouTube and Vimeo? Here are we to let you know how to download HD videos from these websites. So, let’s get into the tutorial.

1. Select an HD video to download:

Select an HD video that you want to download. But how you will know if the video is HD or not? Click on the gear symbol for settings on the bottom right corner of the video. Then click on “Quality”. There are various qualities to download a video. Most of the videos might be set to Auto 360p by default. On clicking it, you will see other available options like 720p HD and 1080p Full HD.

Don’t think that everything labeled HD is not actually HD. This is because while exporting a 360p video, they will export it at 1080p resolution. This may be done either by mistake or to play games on the viewers.

2. Copy and paste the links:

When you are ready with a video selected which you want to download, copy and paste the link of that particular video into your downloader. Think if you are using a 4k video downloader, it will automatically grab the copied link soon after you click on the paste link button. Then you will be given a range of options to download HD videos when you enter the link. Choose the one which you wish to download like 1080p version. Make sure that the video offers 1080p version as not all video that shows 1080p will be the same.

3. Wait for a while:

Downloading will obviously take time, so you need to wait until the download is completed. And if it an HD video, it will take some gigabytes of space and more time as such. 4k video downloader has the ability to download multiple video streams simultaneously to improve download speeds. But ultimately some downloads come down the tubes at high speed whereas others are not.

4. Check for the downloaded video:

You can mostly watch your downloaded videos by double-clicking on it within the app. For instance, 4k video downloader will create its own folders inside movies and puts in the downloads. This will be easy for the user to preview, play and import into another video app.

This is what you need to do to download HD videos from YouTube and Vimeo. It’s just a few steps ahead to get your favorite list of videos on your device that you can watch in even offline mode.

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