How to Work Offline in Google Chrome

Tips to work offlineWhen you browse the Google chrome by opening any page inside then it connects to the internet and showing the latest version of the page from the server on your screen. If your computer has no internet connection i.e., in offline, you will get an error message on your desktop with a dinosaur image and informing it is unable to connect to the internet.

But some browsers offer the offline mode that automatically saves a copy of web pages like Internet explorer and Firefox as you browse the internet and shows this local copy when you are in offline. Therefore, if your computer is in offline in a flight, still you can open and read websites that you opened when your computer was online.

Offline browsing inside google chrome

Like this the recent version of google chrome also offer the browsing in offline through the option to access the stored version of any web is deeply hidden inside the settings easily.

Though inside chrome, enter chrome://flags/to access the experimental features page and search the option Enable Offline Load Stale Button. Hit Enable in contradiction of the option and restart your browser.

So now if your computer is in offline, google chrome will show you an option to load the stale copy if the page you are trying to access is existing in the local cache.

Tips to work offline

Google Chrome stores the HTML content, JavaScript, images and the CSS stylesheets related with a page so your offline copy is almost looking like the original copy. Still, if there are resources that need an active Internet connection, like JavaScript widgets or videos, they’ll be exchanged with placeholder images.

Open any page inside chrome, for testing the feature and turn off Wi-Fi or remove internet cable, and restart the browser. If the offline mode is allowed, the cached version would appear on your screen.

  • This is the Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex dinosaur that had small arms and the image may be demonstrates that Chrome, like the dinosaur, couldn’t grasp the Internet because of its short arms.
  • The offline browsing option was added in  Chrome v36. If you are still using an older version, you required to open the Chrome flags page and enable the option that says “Enable Offline Mode.” It will no longer help the “not connected to the Internet” error if the page you are trying to access is existing in the local cache.

This is all about how to work offline in google chrome.

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