Are you a Windows Vista user? What should you do when you dismembered the key to log in to Windows Vista? Require an administrator for Windows Vista password reset without disk for you. If you are an official, and you can’t identify the administrator key, the puzzle becomes a little complicated, and seemingly difficult to recover the ‘forgotten password’ over.

Windows Vista Password Reset without Disk

Thus you forgot Windows Vista password and are puzzled at your login screen. In this article, we also show that use software to reset the password. Now, let’s get amazing methods on how to reset if forgot Windows Vista password no reset disk.

Way 1: Reset Windows Vista Password with Windows Password Recovery

Just assume that you have installed Windows Vista on your computer. After a while, you forgot your password. Now, if you can’t remember the password and it was your official user account. You definitely get worried about this. So, here is a solution for your password recovery without the need for any reset disk. The Windows Password Recovery is here to sort out your problem.

When you use it then there is a chance to reset Windows Vista password without disk. It is a powerful tool you ever have seen. On the other hand, you can also recover your Microsoft account password with the help of this tool.

It does not matter which version of Windows you are using. Either it is Windows XP or Windows 10, it is always here to fix the problem.

Many official companies do use this tool to recover their passwords in case if they forgot their official account password. No doubt that this tool is a lifesaver. It doesn’t matter if it is your main account to login into Windows Vista, you just have to go through from a few steps and you have all done. Let’s discuss some key features.

Key Features

  • It is the best tool to recover Windows administrator passwords.
  • Recovers other user accounts password.
  • It is useful to recover the Microsoft account password.
  • It is helpful in the creation of a new administrator account.
  • This tool recovers the Windows password in no time.

How to Use?

Step 1: Create a password reset disk with Windows Password Recovery

The tool is simple and easy to use. It does not need deep computer knowledge. So, if you’re not a computer scholar then it is OK. There are a few steps you have to follow to create a password reset disk with this software:

  • In the very initial step, you have to download and install the tool on any of the computers you have access to.
  • When you are done with the installation, just open the software and select “USB Device”. You can also select “CD/DVD” if you are willing to attempt reset from CD/DVD disk.

select one option to reset forgotten Windows Vista password

  • Now, simply plug-in your USB drive and burn it by clicking the button “Begin burning”.

Select Begin burning for Windows Vista password reset without disk

  • Once it is successfully done with the burning process, you will get a prompt box message that will show it is completed. You’re all done.

Burning a Windows Vista password reset disk successfully

Step 2: Booting From the Password Reset Disk

After burning your USB drive, you have to boot your computer with that disk. There are two possibilities that either you’re using a USB drive to reset or a DVD disk. How to boot? Don’t be panic follow the following steps:

For USB:

1) Simply plug-in your USB drive on a computer where you have to reset Windows Vista password.

2) Start your computer and enter the boot device option. Select to boot from the USB drive and press enter.

select to boot from USB in Boot Menu


1) Insert recovery DVD that you burned with the tool.

2) Start your computer and press the boot options key. Now select the corresponding DVD drive and hit enter.

Step 3: Resetting Your Password

Once you are done with a successful boot, the tool will automatically do its job. Here what you have to do is to follow the following steps to reset Windows Vista password:

  • You will be prompted with a new Windows where you will have to select your operating system as well as your user account. Select accordingly, and click the Reset Password” Now you have to enter a new password for that user account.

click Reset Password to reset Vista password

  • Once you are done with reset, restart your computer.
  • Login with the new password. That’s it.

Isn’t it easier? Only a few steps and you are all done. There is no brute force method is performed. It’s all is legal. Don’t worry at all.

Tip: How to choose from different versions of Windows Password Recovery?

You are offered different possible versions of the tool named pro, advanced, and raid. Now, you might be wondering what is the difference among these? Alright, let’s discuss the difference.


This version of the tool comes only in $29. You can easily reset Windows administrator, or a user account password with the help of this version.


It is your choice if you want to reset your Microsoft account. This version comes only in $39.


Raid is your choice if you’re a business class professional person. It supports the Raid computer. This tool offers you complete support. It comes in $79 at a lifetime license.

Way 2: Reset Windows Vista Password in Safe Mode

Safe mode is an elective process of readying Windows with the smallest amount of drivers. This primary style enables you to troubleshoot machine dilemmas and to get entrance if you forgot Windows Vista password. Safe mode will grant entrance to the Administrator account, the record generated throughout the primary installation of Windows. Reset Windows Vista password in safe mode.

When somebody gets to use the Windows Vista on his or her PC, the default account is created. This default account is also known as an administrator account. This administrator account is not shown to the user if the user creates any other local account according to his or her name.

For now, all you have to do to reset Windows Vista password in safe mode is to follow the following steps:

Step 1: The first and the most prominent step is to simply restart your computer. While your computer is under the restart process, make sure to have a look at the boot menu option key, which is “F8” in many of the computers. When your computer restarts, press that key to enter into the boot configuration mode.

Step 2: Once you enter the boot configuration mode, here will see options named as Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, and Safe Mode with Networking. Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option and hit enter. Now, you will be able to start your Windows Vista by minimizing the drivers and processes of the operating system.

reset Windows Vista password in safe mode

Step 3: Now, you have to interact with the command prompt to create a new user account for your operating system. Here, you have to type “net user”. This keyword allows you to create a new user account on your Windows Vista operating system. E.g., to create a new user “John”, and a password “pass123” for this user, simply type “net user John pass123” without any quotation. This will create a new user account “John” with a password “pass123”. Hence, you have all done, now turn off your computer and start again in the normal mode, and log in with the new user account.

done with reset Windows Vista password in safe mode

Now, login with the new account that your recently created as John, and type pass123 in the password section. Here you go! That’s how to reset Windows Vista password in safe mode.


If you’re saying, “forgot my Windows Vista password” and you’re getting panic about it? Then there is no need to be get worried about it. You can use Windows Password Recovery to create a fresh password by replacing the existing one itself. Everything is automated and you just have to do some click to perform everything easily. Anyhow, forgetting the passwords is the nature of humans. We have tools for us to assist us in our problematic situations. On the other hand, you can also reset Windows Vista password in safe mode. In final words, you can easily complete Windows Vista password reset without disk. All you have to do is to follow the above two methods to do that. So, forgetting Windows password isn’t always a good thing. Try to remember your passwords or create a password that is easier to be remembered.

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