Play Games on iMessage

Games on iMessage

iMessage is a messaging built-in app developed by Apple. This app lets you send pictures, videos, text, location and sounds easily and quickly to anyone on iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or iPhone. You can also play games on iMessage.

Whatever the message you type will be aligned to the right whereas the other people reply on the left. We’ll get to know while the other person is typing a message that will be indicated with pale gray ellipsis in the text bubble. This is also possible to start a conversation on one iOS device and continue on other.

iMessage specific functions operate only between machines running on iOS versions or running Mountain Lion. On Concord, on the iPhone, Messages can use SMS to communicate with non-iOS devices, or with other iPhones when iMessage is unavailable. Blue buttons and text bubbles indicate iMessage communication whereas Green buttons and text bubbles indicate SMS-based communication.



  • For instance, the Game pigeon, Sea battle and the four in a row is the game which I recommend you to play.
  • After getting downloaded, go to iMessage.
  • Tap on the App icon above the keyboard.
  • Then tap App Drawer. It displays all the games.
  • You can choose what game you want to play.
  • Tap on any game. After your turn is completed, you need to wait for another person to respond.
  • When the other person replies you can take turns playing battleship.
  • There are many games for you to play on iMessage.

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