Create Multiple Custom Email Address With One Gmail Address

multiple custom email address

Generally, we create our email address with one Gmail address. But do you know that it is possible to create multiple custom email address with one Gmail address? Yes! It is. This article will let you know how to get this done with one Gmail address.

Here you have to make multiple custom email address from your primary Gmail address. Then create unique email addresses for registering with different websites and services. You have multiple custom +email addresses for your primary account. But your primary Gmail account will receive all the emails sent to your secondary email addresses. You can organize the emails received from different services and websites. You can create a filter for each of the email addresses associated with the Gmail address.

Therefore, if anyone sends a span to any of your email addresses, you can set a filter in your Gmail account to instantly delete the spam message in your inbox.

There are two ways by which you can create multiple custom email address with one Gmail Account. Let’s go with the methods.

Method 1: Use “+” in your Gmail address:

Use the “+” symbol to add another email address to your primary Gmail account. Here is the use of this symbol with an example.

Your primary Gmail address is “”. You want to create a custom email address to sign in with You just need to add the keyword “Amazon” using a “+” symbol either before or after the username in your Gmail address.

It should be “” or “”. Sign up with it on Now all the emails from these two emails will be sent to your primary Gmail address “”.

This way you can create a number of email addresses with your primary Gmail address.

Method 2: Use dots in your Gmail address:

Gmail does not depend on the number of dots that your email address consists. Moreover, it doesn’t recognize any dots within a Gmail address. This means there can be any number of dots within your Gmail address before the “@” tag. Gmail will ignore the dots and still send the email to your original email address without the dots.


Suppose that your email address is If you add a dot anywhere within the word “wxyz”, Gmail will always ignore the dots. You can create multiple custom email address as shown below:

  • and much more.

All the above Gmail addresses will still point towards your primary Gmail address at Depending upon your requirement you can have many uses of these tricks. You can even use these tricks to update your Gmail address.

In this way, you can create as many custom email address as you would like for your Gmail address. Hope you find this useful to create multiple custom email address with your primary Gmail address.

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