How To Prepare Haleem at Home


Haleem is prepared with broken wheat, barley mixture, milled meat of mutton or chicken or beef, spices and lentils. It is special dish for Muslims which is specially prepared during Ramadan  festivals mostly in the regions of India and Pakistan. It provides high protein, fibre and carbohydrates from grains and pulses.  Let us start with ingredients and then to prepare the dish.

Cooking time: 6-7 Hrs

Preparation time: 4 Hrs

Serving: 4 persons

Category: Non-veg


  1. Broken wheat – 1 cup
  2. Boneless Mutton – 500 gms
  3. Mutton stock – 6 cups
  4. Choped onion – ½  cup
  5. Green chilli – 5
  6. rose petals – ¼ cup
  7. ghee – ½ cup
  8. ginger garlic paste – 1table spoon
  9. cardamom – 8
  10. pepper corns – 3 gms
  11. shahi jeera – 2 gms
  12. cloves – 2 gms
  13. milk – 1 cup
  14. salt – as per taste
  15. fried onions – ½ cup
  16. coriander – ½ bunch (chopped)
  17. mint – ½ bunch (chopped)
  18. almonds – 6
  19. chana daal – 1 tea spoon
  20. masoor daal – 1 tea spoon
  21. urad daal – 1 tea spoon
  22. moong daal – 1 tea spoon


Lentils mixture:

  • haleemTake shahi jeera, cardamom, pepper corns, urad daal, moong daal, masoor daal, chana daal, oats, almonds, and broken wheat in a bowl.
  • Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and make powder by putting into mixer.

Haleem preparation:

  • Before cooking wash mutton pieces with water properly.
  • Take pressure cooker and keep it on stove.
  • Now put ghee and heat it in pressure cooker.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and fry it for few seconds.
  • Then add mutton pieces, mutton stock and mix it well in cooker.
  • Now add fried onions, green chilli, pepper corns, chopped coriander, chopped mint, and add required salt for taste.
  • Then add powder of lentils which is prepared in the starting stage and mix it well in the cooker.
  • haleemPut lid on the cooker and cook it for 4 whistles in high flame of stove.
  • After getting whistles reduce the flame to low and cook it for 4-5 hrs.
  • Now take out mutton pieces and use hand blender to blend the mixture like paste.
  • Then add mutton pieces back to the cooker and stir well.
  • Next switch off the stove.
  • Add lemon juice to the mixture and mix it well.
  • Haleem preparation completed.
  • haleemServe in bowl and garnish bowl with some fried onions, chopped coriander and mint.