Healthy Indian Dishes

healthy Indian foods

The first thing that comes into everyone’s mind when we think about Indian food that they are spicy, hot, oily, fatty, and difficult to cook. People think that Indian dished are unhealthy. This is all because of the curry powders, preservatives used while preparing the dish. Beyond this, there are heaps of healthy Indian dishes that are quite good for a diet.

We are here to list you out with 20 absolutely healthy Indian dishes. These are rich in one or the other nutrient contents. The Indian foods are rich in proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and many other which are necessary to our body. After knowing these dishes, I’m sure, you will add them to your regular diet.

Let’s get to know all these dishes to have a balanced diet.

1. Buttermilk:


Buttermilk is a cool dairy beverage which contains low fat. This can be taken after each meal. And it’s too easy to prepare this and takes only a minute or two to get ready with a glass of buttermilk. It needs a half glass of curd, half glass of water, a pinch of salt and chopped ginger and coriander leaves. Mix all the ingredients and buttermilk is ready. A glass of buttermilk contains nearly 100 calories and 2grams of fat.

2. Sambar:


Sambar is a famous dish mainly in south India. Since it adds to it, chickpeas, legumes, a variety of spices, and vegetables that consist proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Sambar is one among the healthy Indian dishes that can be seen on all the dining tables in India. One serving consists of approximately 50 calories, 2.6grams carbohydrates, 15grams protein, and 1.8grams fat.

3. Tandoori Chicken:

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken is a healthy dish that contains proteins. Tandoori chicken is prepared by marinating the chicken in yogurt and combining with it a variety of spices to get its taste. A full leg piece consists approximately 260 calories, 13grams fat, 5grams carbohydrates and 30.5grams protein.

4. Rajma:

Rajma Masala

Rajma is a famous north Indian dish that is made with the red kidney beans. The red kidney beans are known as the world’s healthiest foods too. Rajma is a legume which is low in calories and rich in proteins. A thick gravy is prepared with this beans adding a lot of spices. It tasted good with rice and roti.

5. Arhar Dal:

Ardhar Dhal

This is a healthy Indian dish that can be prepared with beans. It can be served with roti and rice. It consists of approximately 53 calories, 8grams carbohydrates, 2.8grams proteins, and 1.2grams of fat per serving.

6. Lady’s Finger fry:

Lady's Finger fry

Lady’s finger fry is a healthy vegetarian dish that most of the Indians love to have in their meals. It is a home remedy to control diabetes. It is rich in Vitamin C and fiber. One serving consists of 80 calories and 5grams proteins.

7. Raitha:


Raita is another among healthy Indian dishes since it is low in calories. It is made with mixing curd and some vegetables like tomato, cucumber, and onions. It is mostly served with biryani.

8. Chickpea and spinach curry:

Chickpea and spinach curry


The chickpea and spinach curry is an Indian dish which brings the leafy vegetable (spinach) with masala flavor. Spinach is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamin K. This dish is consists of fiber and 142 calories per serving.

9. Daliya:

Wheat Daliya

Daliya is a healthy and light food that is prepared for breakfast. It consists of fiber and helps you maintain a healthy digestive system. Wheat Daliya consists of approximately 85 calories per 175 grams serving.

10. Sol Kadhi:

Sol Kadhi

It is a pink colored appetizer drink made from kokum fruit and coconut milk. It can be had after a hot and spicy meal. It’s good for stomach too. A glass of serving consists of 138 calories.

11. Lobhia:


Lobhia curry is a very popular north-Indian dish, where the soaked and cooked black-eyed beans are boiled in tangy tomato gravy, with the right mixture of spices.

12. Brinjal Curry:

Brinjal curry

Brinjal curry is a very healthy and famous north-Indian dish. The specialty of roasted brinjals, skinned and made into a simple and exotic preparation. Brinjal is rich in iron which is good for those who are suffering from anemia. One brinjal serves 102 calories and 5grams fat.

13. Sprouts:


Sprouts are one of the healthiest Indian foods. Sprout salad with added lemon drops gives a healthy salad. Make a habit of eating sprouts in the morning which will result in good health. Sprouts are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiber. One serving is approximately 125 calories and 5grams fat.

14. Aloo Gobhi:

Aloo Gobhi

Aloo gobhi is a combination of cooked potatoes and cauliflower along with black pepper and salt which makes it a healthy Indian dish. One of the main spices used in this dish is turmeric. It helps fight disease by boosting the liver’s ability to detoxify the blood.

15. Bajra:



Bajra is popular in Rajasthan and is also known as pearl millet”. Bajra is a healthy Indian food which has been eaten in India since the pre-historic times. It is consumed in the form of roti or khichdi. A single Bajra roti consists of 97 calories.

16. Sattu:

This is a staple food in many parts of India. Sattu is originally made from roasting gram flour and other nutritious flours like barley and wheat. Serving a Sattu consists of 103 calories.

17. Paratha:


The paratha is the most popular variety of Indian flat bread. It is made with whole wheat flour and stuffed with vegetables, it is a highly nutritious food. A paratha contains nearly 200 calories.

18. Idli:


A very common breakfast Indian meal is idli. This is a most popular food in South India which is served with sambar. These soft idlis are a great source of carbohydrates and proteins. The fermentation process increases the availability of proteins and enhances the Vitamin B content in the food. Each idli consists of approximately 40 calories.

19. Palak:

Palak pANNER

This is a popular vegetarian dish consisting of spinach and cottage cheese. Spinach is rich in Vitamin K, proteins, and carbohydrates. This is one of the reasons why this dish is considered as a superfood.

20. Patrani Machhi:

Patrani Machhi

Patrani Machhi is a masala coated fish that is steamed in banana leaves. Fish is a food item that is rich in proteins. It will be wrapped in banana leaves even while serving. One fish contains approximately 290 calories and 13.9grams fat. It is a healthy and tasty dish too.

This is a list of healthy Indian dishes which, I’m sure, will satisfy anyone in taste and health too. Hope you will try these out.

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