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Mobile App Development


Have you got an outstanding app idea but you think you haven’t got enough money? Most of the online calculators for app costs may show that even a simple app cost more than $120k, but it doesn’t work with SMBs.

The smart planning can lower the costs needed for the app development. In the article, we strive to calculate all app development costs and give you some advice on how to make an app for under $60k.

Apps bring a multitude of benefits for SMBs as well as for enterprises. Step into the era of paperless ads – develop an app and say bye-bye to fliers. And it’s more convenient for customers to contact you as well as place the order through the app.

When it comes to building an app, there are two issues to consider:

  • What’s the level of complexity? Even more important is to decide whether your app will be static or dynamic. And consider the framework, will it be complex, open or closed?
  • How much are you ready to spend on the app development? Since there are a lot of rivals and the app market is repleted with apps for all needs and tastes. And similar to any overpopulated market, the pricing is not fair and stable.

Did you know that most Americans spend more than 5 hours a day using cell phones or tabs? That’s the main reason to develop an app and increase the visibility of your brand. Even when customers don’t use the app, they will see your logo as the icon on the screens. And as a result, the following strategy will help build subconscious brand loyalty.

Recommended app features to consider

  • Feedback

    An easy and convenient way to contact you or leave feedback on the app is crucial. It doesn’t matter how you’re going to gather feedback – may it be a button linking to social nets or writing emails. Just give the users a convenient way to report bugs and provide suggestions or criticism. People love it when you’re open to the feedback and their help.

  • Social media login

    Use Facebook or Google account to sign up on the app and allow the app to save the login and keep the users signed up. It’ll be great if you give the users the possibility to recover their name or password and remind the social network they signed up with while setting up the app for the first time.

  • Offline capabilities

    The users can get sad when the app becomes entirely unusable because of the weak signal. Think how you can build in content or other interactive features that don’t need a stable signal.

  • Gamification

    Games allow users to be interactive and have fun while using the app. People will continue using your app if it provides some kind of value. Short-term fun and competition are always winners. Just make your app engaging and fun to use.

  • Payment options

    If customers can make purchases or place orders, provide as many payment ways as possible. Cash, card, and Paypal are standard options but also consider location and demographic data. Since for international customers, paying by Pioneer is more convenient.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Now you know how beneficial the apps are and the basic principles of a successful one, let’s go on and calculate how much you need to build an app.

Again, depending on who you hire, the costs may vary greatly from $20 to $125 for an hour. The factors influencing the average costs are geographic location, experience, and the complexity of the app.

Another decisive factor is who you’re going to hire – a freelancer or an app development company. Note, who you hire shouldn’t depend on the budget but rather on actual abilities, recently completed projects, skills, and qualifications. Strike a fine balance between costs, efficiency, and skills when it comes to hiring app developers.

Keeping that in mind, the whole development process will take around 300 -1000 hours for a simple app. Let’s calculate, with a low rate ($20/hr), the app will cost $600-20,000. And with a high rate ($125), you have to pay around $3,500 – $125,000 for the app developed by an award-winning company.

To put more perspective into this, building an MVP of something like WhatsApp or Instagram can cost between $100,000 to $250,000. A more complex app with geolocation, payment, tracking features, e.g. like Uber, will require at least $1,000,000 investments.

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