15 Can’t-Miss Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Top 15 Chrome Extensions
Top 15 Chrome Extensions

More Google gold for you! Today we present to you a couple of more vital Google extensions designed for helping you work better on the web.

For Keeping To-do Lists


When you first take a seat to work, use Dayboard to list your 5 Most Important Tasks or MITs for the day. Dayboard shows this schedule each time you open another tab. Not at all like a consistent visual suggestion to keep you concentrated on work!


For Blocking Distractions


With StayFocusd, you can get online intrusions out of your system by enjoying them for a bit. Put websites like Facebook and Twitter on the extension’s Blocked Sites list. On the off chance that you spend more than a specific span of time on any of the websites on this rundown, StayFocusd will hinder your access to every one of them for whatever rest of the day. You have the alternative of setting up the days and hours when you require StayFocusd to be dynamic.

Who’s to prevent you from tweaking as far as possible or disable StayFocusd at whatever point you feel like it? You could include chrome://extensions to your blocked websites and/or conceal the settings area behind a text-based test. This will make deceiving substantially more troublesome and irritating.

For Saving Keystrokes

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome


Auto Text Expander
Auto Text Expander

Work quicker and give your hands some rest by utilizing a text expansion and replacement software. Auto Text Expander is a decent Chrome-based decision, particularly in case you’re a Chromebook dependent.

There’s very little to the extension. You include shortcuts for text snippets that you utilize frequently. Each time you write that alternate way, it’s supplanted by the extended rendition. Do go down your scraps to a text file for urgent needs.

For Reading Things Later

Save to Pocket

The Pocket is an incredible bookmarking service. It’s valuable when you’re occupied by online content amidst work. Simply save or bookmark the Web page with a single tap on Save to Pocket Chrome extension.

Get Pocket
Get Pocket

For Decluttering Tabs


one tab
one tab

In the event that your work relies on upon Web-based tools and data, you’re liable to have an insane number of tabs open when you’re working. Be that as it may, those tabs transform into one major memory exhaustion.

A straightforward approach to simplicity tab clutter and save money on memory is by utilizing OneTab. At whatever time you tap on the OneTab symbol, it sorts out all your open tabs into a list. You can then review tabs as and when you require them.

For Decluttering Web Pages



Let’s assume you’re doing some research. You don’t need your regard for the stray to insignificant Web page components like those interactive tools in the sidebar. At that point, you can conceal them with Evernote’s Clearly extension. It tidies up Web pages and introduces their primary substance in a moderate, easy to read format.

Install the Clearly extension and at whatever point you need a cleaned up Web page, click on Clearly’s toolbar catch when you’re on that page. You can likewise browse a couple subjects, highlight content, and even sync Clearly to your Evernote account.

For Organizing Your Ideas

Note Board

Note Board is like a cork board on your PC screen. Use it to monitor your thoughts as advanced sticky notes. Pin them to the board and move them around as your point of view evolves.

There are five sheets sorted out one next to the other. Notes can be as content and pictures. It’s likewise conceivable to draw your thoughts right onto a note. Note Board has both cloud and local storage options.

You can open the extension as a tab or as a popup. The popup choice seems to be a minor glitch. In the event that the popup isn’t working for you either, keep the augmentation open as a stuck tab for fast access to your thoughts.

For Organizing Your Research

Diigo Web Collector – Capture and Annotate

Social bookmarking site Diigo has some effective components to help you lead any sort of online research. Its Chrome extension makes it simple to sort out your exploration as you come. Bookmark pages for some other time, annotate them, group them, and share them. You can even include page highlights as updates.

You will require a Diigo record to utilize the expansion. On the off chance that you have a Google account, you can interface the extension to that.

For Writing

Quick Write Text Editor

Quick Write Chrome Extension
Quick Write Chrome Extension

Fast Write is a lovely, mess free content manager with a negligible list of capabilities. You can change the textual style, content, and background color. That is about it. Quick Write Text Editor auto-saves message and shows line and character number. It works disconnected and is perfect for fast note-taking. Once more, an awesome decision for Chromebook users.

For Capturing and Annotating Screenshots

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Capture, Annotate

Awesome Screenshot
Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a well known, flexible device for catching pictures and tweaking them to your notes. You can obscure delicate data on pictures, include comments, and share them in a solitary snap. Save caught screenshots to Google Drive, your Awesome Screenshot account, or to local PC storage.

For Working in Bursts of Time

Simple Pomodoro

Frequently, the devices do “only one thing admirably” that help you complete your work. Straightforward Pomodoro, in light of the proficient Pomodoro procedure, is one such instrument. There are other fascinating timers on the Chrome Web Store, yet we think Simple Pomodoro’s nitty gritty methodology is exactly what you requirement for a profitable work session.


Everything you can do by means of the toolbar button is set the clock (in interims of 5′, 10′, 15′, and 25′) or reset it. The extension utilizes a sound prompt and a content pop-up to advise you when your time’s up.

For Making Pages Ready to Print

PrintFriendly and PDF

In case you’re printing out Web pages or sparing them as PDFs, you’ll need to tidy them up somewhat first. Do that with PrintFriendly and PDF, which remove advertisements and other undesirable Web page components.

When you tap the extension’s toolbar button, it displays the present Web page in a print-prepared arrangement. You can then print it, spare it as a PDF, or offer it by means of email. The expansion permits you to expel singular page components before printing. It additionally arrives in a bookmarklet design.

For Managing Your Inbox

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail

Email is a vital insidiousness during circumstances such as the present, however, you don’t need to lose your profitability to it. Get Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail. It transforms your Gmail inbox into a Trello-like errand board.

Your messages show up in the left sheet. In the right sheet you’ll locate an arrangement of records that you can move and customize messages to, taking into account how you need to process them. Group messages, snooze them, highlight them, and add notes to them to keep things sorted out and scannable.

Sortd is not impeccable, but rather it makes a quite decent showing with regards to of taming your inbox.

For All-in-one Productivity


Boundless transforms the New Tab page into an intense dashboard. Schedule highlight? Check. Time following for sites? Check. Setting up updates and commencements? Check. Bookmarks? Check. Empowering cites? Check. In the event that you needed to introduce only one augmentation from this rundown to support your efficiency, we prescribe Limitless.

For Managing Extensions


Extensions can accelerate your work process an incredible way. Be that as it may, on the other hand, that you have excessively numerous of them installed , Chrome will undoubtedly back off or slow down you PC completely. The extensions additionally make visual jumble by hoarding space on the toolbar. Before such irritations drive you to discard Chrome, figure out how to oversee extensions the brilliant way. Introduce SimpleExtManager. It gives you a convenient drop-down menu to enable or disable your expansions, applications, and themes.

Simple Ext Manager
Simple Ext Manager

A Little Restraint With Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions are the best feature. Regardless of what a number of you have installed, you’re generally prepared to attempt more. Be that as it may, it would be unexpected sometimes that you don’t complete anything that you were caught up with fiddling with profitability extensions. It would be ideal if you include just a chosen few that can powerfully affect the way you work.

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