Best Android games for 2016


Every month Android games give best and larger impression and there is every time slide of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you are a normal gamer or you want bit more meat on its bones, there is a game which is suitable for everyone’s taste. Let’s see all the new games in Android from the last month!

Borderlands 2

A borderland 2 was out this month for Android but you should note that is only for Android TV and Nvidia Shield Console. In this section, you find experience with Classic Borderlands 2 in all way and this section is somewhat trustworthy. The top of the regular game this section also contains new classes, new characters, new areas to search, and further information. It is a disadvantage that it works only for Android TV or the Shield Console, but if you at least one of those, this may charge nearly $14.99 price tag.
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Blue Angels – Aerobatic SIM

Blue Angels- Aerobatic SIM which is a flight simulator that is publicly certified by the US Navy. In this section, you will find a blue angel pilot and it gets connected with all the stunts, aerobatics and flying which you will see during airshow. It is having a variety of game modes features one of that is an airshow mode where you can perform stunts and create your own scenarios in Additive Mode. You will get score based on your flying and it also contains one feature called pretty decent graphics. It is free in app – purchase to download.

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CSR Racing 2


CSR Racing 2 is long expected which is sequel to the extremely popular game CSR Racing. In this game you will be pushed high racing in order to overcome the AI opponent to prove you are the best. The game contains good graphics, ton of missions and quests to go through, and simple controls. It also contains plenty of actual cars which you can buy. There is online component where you can race with other opponents and win the rewards. It is a freemium game throughout, but it is not bad to spend some more time if you have time to kill.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is a unique runner where you must go on hoard of Zombies and stay alive. The game’s says that prominence is the ability to play during different scenarios from the TV series to see if you can either stay alive them. It gives tense environment by using silhouetted graphics. You can choose total 50 weapons to play the game and you can able to play as different characters from the show. It is nothing Innovative but is somewhat having fun.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the most recent top Final Fantasy game. This was developed by Gumi, who is makers of Brave Frontier and you can view the comparisons in gameplay. You will play like two characters to stop madman who destroys all of crystals. You will be joined by “memory” spirits of Final Fantasy’s past to clash. It is totally consists Final Fantasy fan service, but luckily the mechanics are not that much bad. It is valuable to pick up if you are the fan of series.

Final Fantasy VII

Finally the Final Fantasy VII has released after waiting months it’s authorized Android this month. The game was not affected from previous releases and all of the gameplay elements, storyline and also graphics are much attractive same as like before they were. Somewhat it is a large game so it requires 4GB of space to run and get it up. It also contains some additional options which help you to play the game faster. The price tag is heavy but there are no in-app purchases.

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Pokemon Go

Yes, the cultural event of the year is getting on this list. Pokemon Go has already stolen the hearts of millions of people all over the world. For those who living in small area since last month, pokemon Go is enlarged reality, location- based game. You can collect Pokemon by moving to places, hit up pokestops to collect items, and take Gyms in various areas. It has gotten more people outside compared to house fires and health warnings combined and it is certainly appeal a shot.

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Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness

Rooms of Doom-Minion Madness is the recent game away from the same studio that made Crossy Road . This one is gorgeous side-scrolling platformer where you help animals overcome appropriate named Dr.Doom. It describes the same kind of graphics from previous Yodo1 Games titles and the controls are easy enough to learn.  It also describes 12 rooms which you will move and jump through hybrids by 25 minions that you can play with. It is a tough game which makes us to try that game and feel like it is great game.

Download Rooms of Doom-Minion Madness

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a fighting game where you will be capable of play like your preferred member of the suicide Squad. It uses of first person view point and you will run approximately and use special powers to of bad guys. Your goal will stay alive wave after wave of bad guys, travel around the city to search the loot, and more. Even there are leader boards to follow your growth and the graphics are appealing decent.  Even if it is freemium game it has fun little time killer.

Download Suicide Squad Special ops

 Titan Quest

Titan Quest finally created its path to Android games this last month. It is truly made port by DotEmu, which is a company that has background of doing ports of classic PC games. The game is an RPG action where you can generate a character and search many historically considerable regions around the world. It contains many different items, creatures and character skills which provides a ton of gameplay and group of character customization choice. Probably Best of all, it is one of few action RPGs that features no in-app purchases.


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