Stunning Video Presentations

Since a long period, Adobe voice has been my most loved digital storytelling app to make photo slideshow and video presentations on an iOS device. All that you must do to upload a video on to Facebook or YouTube is just to import all your photos, type the text required and adjoin your narrated voice.

Below is a video story made by a 10-year-old boy with the help of Adobe Voice. The background music, changeover and the other special effects are applied by the Voice App automatically which makes your video appear more professional and cinematic too.

I have some excellent things to share about Adobe Voice instead an iPad or an iPhone is required to create videos. Compared to other things, Adobe had initiated a new suite of web apps which lets to use Adobe Voice in your desktop browser. This suite is known as Adobe Spark which is used to create web pages as a magazine, Typography posters and video stories.

Go to to get started and sign-in with your Google or Facebook account. All your work will be available on your iPad and iPhone and also be automatically saved under your Google or Facebook account.

A PowerPoint style layout is offered by the Spark Video. You will be provided with a plenty of cinematic themes in which each theme has its own set of fonts, background music and changeover. It is easy to change a theme for your video as choosing one from the sidebar.

video presentation

Your slide may consist of either photos, text or both. You can change the arrangement of your photos on the slide or spot the main point to be focussed during the transition by just clicking on the ‘speech’ icon.

You can either import photos from the computer or a built-in search engine is provided for searching photos which are available in the Creative Commons Domain. Also, there is a possibility to import the photos from Dropbox or Google photos. The sources of the photo are auto-added in the closing credits of the movie.

video presentation video presentation

The Adobe Spark website helps to save your movie permanently and a permanent link is acquired to share that video with your friends. Else, the video can be downloaded in Mp4 format for uploading it to other sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

You can download the video legally since no copyright over the video or embedded music is claimed by Adobe. For example, people may want to clear the Adobe Voice branding which are included in the previous slide and it seems simple to carry on with any sort of video editing software.

The Adobe Spark Video Presentation makes use of music which is neither public domain nor copyright free. The music which is not public domain is used for the Spark users to publish videos, for which the Adobe pays.

video presentation

With Adobe Spark, it is easy for anyone to build cinematic video presentations. There is no choice of importing video clips and GIFs into your slide, which is the only aspect that you will be missing.

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