Chrome’s New Material Design Theme

Material Design

Material Design Theme, which was first introduced for Android 5.0 Lollipop as a guiding theme, is now ready to go into other Google websites and products. You may know the flat theme of Google+ and also Google’s settings pages (including the group of third party Android apps), but the new look is now getting into Google chrome.

Due to chrome fast updates and its presence on different platforms, already you might have seen Chrome turned to Material Design on your windows or Mac computer– Chrome OS will be updated only for some time. If not, however, you can allow easily Chrome’s Material Design look in only a few clicks.


Type chrome://flags in the new tab on the address bar to access Chrome’s hidden settings menu. Now, press CTRL + F to get the search bar, and type material into the page so we can find everything related to Material Design (14 entries when writing). Once you have completed making changes, restart Chrome to apply them.

Right now, your choices are:

To enter Chrome’s hidden settings menu Open a new tab and type chrome://flags into the address bar. And press CTRL+F to get the search bar and type material in that search bar so we can view all which are related to design material (14 entries when writing). Once making of changes finished, restart Chrome to apply them.

You are choices are given below:

  • Material Design in the browser’s top chrome— alter to Material to renew your address bar and icons.
  • AllowMaterial Design in the remaining browser’s native UI for bubbles and pop-ups.
  • Enable Material Design User Manager to allow and update the user swap button.
  • Allowing Material Design feedback will give the Chrome feedback page a new coat of paint.
  • Enable Material Design history to restore the History page.
  • Enable Material Design extensions to view all your amazing extensions in Material Design.

Bonus: To visit the Material Design Theme settings page Instead of the standard one type chrome://md-settings/. Presently there are no flags for this.

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