Keyboard is the most important part of a computer through which input is given to the system.  Without keyboard handling the works on the user’s system seems to be insufficient.  The user can also use virtual keyboard but it will give a feel like you are doing all the works with mouse.  Four top virtual keyboard extensions that can be used at the time of browsing through various websites. Here are the top virtual keyboard extensions for google chrome


The user can get Chrome virtual keyboard from Google chrome extension. This is a free virtual keyboard. It has a layout which is completely similar to a simple keyboard that is attached to the computer.  By using this application the user can have different layouts like English, Russian, Tamil, Spanish, Polish.  The main feature is that, hovering over the mouse will automatically click on the keyboard. Hence it is not necessary to select any specific keyword.



This is also a free virtual keyboard extension which is used for Google chrome. The user can get this application simply by searching in Google chrome store. After installing this application, it will present an on screen virtual keyboard for giving inputs in chrome browser.  It shows a keyboard that can be used to give inputs using mouse.



This is another free virtual keyboard for Google chrome.  This gives you simple on screen keyboard.  When the user enters any text input through this keyboard. This was developed by the same developer who developed comfort On-screen keyboard pro. There are some additional features added to this keyboard extension. That is here in this application the keyboard doesn’t remain idle on the screen. It keeps on moving, but when you start typing anything it will reside down.


This is the most interesting online keyboard extension for chrome. Just like Chrome virtual keyboard, this also allows multiple layouts for keyboards. Once if you install this application, whenever you open any page to do some work it will start appearing on the page. This application is more effective. It is available in different languages like Arabic, Deutsche, Hindi, English etc. This application can be controlled (i.e) you can enable/disable this by simply pressing Ctrl+Space . The other way is the user can select the application’s icon which is located in the Omnibox in the chrome browser. It also provides an option to change the layout.