first astronauts to the international space station


The war between billionaires, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, exploded in the first astronauts to the international space station next year.

Speaking at Amazon Web Service Public Sector Seminar, Blue Origin Senior Vice President Rob Meyerson said, “We plan to send our first experimental passenger soon.”

Ticket Sales

He also said that the ticket sales will start in 2019. Nevertheless, the company did not say anything about how much the trip’s cost. Jeff Bezos also refused to disclose how much the ticket price was.

Los Angeles

“We still do not know the cost of the ticket” he told at the press conference of the International Space Development Conference of the National Space Society in Los Angeles on May 25. Whatever it is, the company has shown an animated video of the new shuttle.

These new sheport vehicles have been flying eight times. Recently it flew on April 29 and is running in Blue Moon Lunar Lander.

In the Summer

As Blue Origin’s company has not revealed when the next trip is scheduled, its enhanced tech leader Dean Cosman said it would be the next summer.

In comparison, the Virgin Galactic company has already started selling ticket sales several years ago and still has the launch of the SpaceShop 2 Framework. About 700 customers have already deposited money to the company.

As the next step in sending the tourists to the orbit of the past month, the latest experimental shuttle crossed halfway and touched the edge of space.

Elon Musk

The shuttle field, set the unit space at 45,600 feet before pumping into space. The second raid, carrying the Unity shuttle, landed on the Mojave Air and Space port in the California desert.

The experimental shuttle surpassed the height of April, reached a peak of 84,271 feet.

Ellen Musk is expected to announce the date of payment for next year based on the NASA contract for the International Space Flight Center, which is capable of passing the drone capsule. The project is also being implemented to send the tourists to the state.

How is it going?

Last week, the Version 2.0 ‘crew capsule’ spacecraft, with unique features and large windows, was launched on the Blue Origin system in West Texas.

We are still willing to pay a spacecraft in the next one year, depending on how these trials go. Our website did not start selling tickets yet.


The company claims that it will start selling ticket after humans are ready to travel through the end of the next year’s rocket and capsule.

The task of selecting the members of the experimental spacecraft is expected to begin next year. The company claims that there is a large window made of multi-layer and unbreakable material near each seat of the building.

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