Android Instant Apps with Try Now Button

Google Try Now Feature - Google Play Store

The popular search engine has announced a major change in the Google Play Store. The play store’s new facility will allow you to try apps without installing it. This facility is developed by Google’s Android Instant App Technology and introduced on last year Google developer program(2016 Google I/O). This feature is intended to include a lot of applications on the mobile web.

In the Play Store, users can see Try Now button, where you can try a part of the specific app. This will make you get the app experience before installing it. This can save the data, including mobile data, wi-fi data, and smartphone memory. If you do not get much in the Play Store, you can find out the apps that offer this feature.

Google Instant App

The Google Instant app will work if you click on the URL as already mentioned. Regular applications in the play store can be used only after downloading and installing it. The developers of the new Instant apps try to make additional changes to work with their apps. The backend technology was given to everyone at the recent Google developer event.

There are many more changes in the Play Store. In this way, the changes have already been made in 17 countries. Games include trailers and screenshot. The games section will be available for premium and a separate section to pay.

Currently, the number of applications offering Try Now feature is limited. However, this figure is expected to increase in the coming weeks. This new technology is useful for various users.

As you can use the small part of the app before installing it on the smartphone, you can save the mobile data, wifi data, and smartphone memory.

How to install Instant apps

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