Samsung Gear 360 Camera



Technologies change the way we capture images and videos a lot in the last couple decades. At first, there is a shift from film to digital then there are things like 3D and 4K and now virtual realities all here. So companies are starting to take the tech that makes that possible and put it in the cameras like this Gear 360 from Samsung stuff that you and I can use it now. Capture three sixty degree videos and photos with Samsung Gear 360 Degree Camera. With a 360 degree video now you can click and drag around your video player or take your phone and move it around or even put your phone in a headset like a Gear VR or Google cardboard and view it that way now. Not the first one on the market that does this but it’s definitely one of the easiest and it’s probably one of the best at least for now.


So it makes it so good it’s dead simple to use if you’ve ever used something like a go pro or anything like it. It’s as easy if not easier than that. It has just three buttons a power button, a menu button and a record button and that’s basically all you need to know it captures pretty good quality video to the time when most of the other competitors on the market are still only shooting 1080P. This captures just about 4K which looks pretty good on browsers and headsets.

This has two lenses one on each side and they’re tied to 15megapixel sensors so you can capture a thirty megapixel still or 3840×900 video that’s not in the same way that we think about it with regular video. Because here those pixels are spread around the pier as opposed to just confined to a little box but that’s a good thing for now because it cuts down on file size and makes it easier to share the stuff that you shoot in 360.

It is really easy to share footage you shoot with this camera because of Facebook and YouTube integration right into the app that comes with it. All you have to do is take the file from your camera put it on your phone and post it. You don’t have to mess with any advanced programs or anything like that.


It does bring one of the first big problems with the camera. If you shoot anything longer than two or three minutes you can take a long time sometimes ten-twenty minutes to transfer that file from the camera to your phone and then on top of that you have to wait for the phone to stitch the two images together that the cameras actually capturing which brings us to the next problem which is that stitching can sometimes be pretty imperfect.


Now if you can get around this if you keep the camera kind of far away from your subjects but you really want to have this camera in the middle of whatever you’re shooting. Which brings us to another problem with this camera and it’s splash proof and dust proof it’s not rugged in any sort of way and Samsung right now doesn’t tell any cases to protect it.

It’s something that they have to work on and probably will in future generations. But you really have to treat this thing with kid gloves and it doesn’t make it easy to shoot really compelling stuff this camera there are a couple other issues in this camera too like it’s not really that good in low light.I’m hoping that Samsung will iron out a lot of these issues by the next version or the one after that and they’d better there’s a lot of competition coming into the space from big companies like Go Pro and what that means for the version of the Gear 360. You can buy right now is it’s really more of Samsung’s way of helping us answer the question of what even is a good 360-degree video in the first place. So if you want to start playing around with video and answering these questions for yourself. This is probably the best camera you can buy to do that.

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