Reasons to upgrade your laptop

The features get smart and powerful when the laptop was slimmer and lighter. The great development what we have seen is the merging of both tablet and laptop to make 2in 1. This is the procedure to upgrade your laptop.

Upgrade your laptop

Including windows 10, the tablet is the best thing to the laptop that ever happens. The huge fame of the popularity of the portable, touch-screen tablets faced the laptops position because the preferred option for computing on the go, and most of the people now choosing 2 in 1s, after all why to have one when you will have both?

But now it is not 2 in 1s which made the present laptops still more exciting by extremely slim designs, from powerful new processors, there are laptops with best sound quality for music lovers, we have given top 4 laptop developments below…

1. You get the best from Windows 10

Windows 10 is called the best version for Microsoft’s operating system until now. It is easy to use and includes all kinds of new features which make your life easy. Windows 10 makes using your windows computer a joy from the built-in personal assistant, Cortana.

Windows 10 have been made best to provide you the great experience which doesn’t matter what device you are using it on- desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone. Most the present laptops are using windows 10 to make the smoother experience.

Upgrade your laptop
Upgrade your laptop

The HP Spectre 360 is more stylish than it is powerful. It doesn’t mean that this laptop compromises on power due to the sleek body and ultra thin design. As you work on projects and watch movies the 6th Gen Intel core processor can maintain some serious multitasking.

Maybe the coolest feature of this 2 in 1 laptop is just how faultlessly it converts into a tablet for easy portable working. The screen can arc 360 degrees into a tablet in just on the swift flip, and by using long battery life, with no more worries you can work about a flat battery on the go.



2. Premium laptops give you design and power

Due to the advancements in laptops the build quality ad power becomes more exciting. Most of the laptops in the laptop present feature Intel Core M, which not only allows high performance but especially slim and portable also.

Upgrade your laptop


What is Intel core M and what can it do for you?


Dell XPs 13 and 15 models are the main examples that how present laptops are including feather –light build with punchy processors.

These laptops are exactly cut from one piece of aluminum, making them very tough and for those long days in your bag.

You no need to worry about carrying a heavy bag around both on your commute. The XPS 15 is the smallest model which 15.6” laptop on the market- permits that to fall easily into your bag as you race between the meetings.

In addition to premium design, you obtain serious power. Some laptops in the array feature the latest 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processor to maintain all your demanding tasks. Either it is working on complex spreadsheets or video editing, the XPS array will create less work of it and look great also.

If you spend more time to watch Netflix or streaming on the go, you will feel happy to hear that you can watch your favorite flicks in stunning quality appreciation to the 4k Ultra HD screen resolution and strike edge to edge display.

3. Touch screen and portability are at its best

The days of carrying heavy laptops and equipment are gone soon because of more developments in laptops portability appear.

We can able to carry our laptops on the go with us when we travel because of more 2 in 1 models and ultra slim designs are made available. Laptops became as a primary resource for a catch up TV, catch up Netflix shows that mean we require more flexibility from our laptops to play and relax more than we work.

Upgrade your laptop

How far laptop designs have come to stay in our daily need for flexibility, portable devices one example for this is Lenovo Yoga.

Within a fraction of seconds, you can convert your laptop from normal working mode to a stand and tent mode for put back with a film. You can also alter smoothly to tablet for portable activity on a full HD touchscreen- perfect for carrying too long journeys like trains and cars to catch up on TV.

The laptop is perfect for life on the go appreciate to its power away from its light and portable design. You can work with this laptop up to 8.5 hours battery life; you can work and play freely with no restriction cables, as the 6th Gen Intel core processor can wind during the working and emailing.

4. Our Experts Love range takes the hard work out of choosing

It is hard to choose the best among so many different devices which will suit for you. It is easy to become disoriented in all the techy jargon and specs that are the reason Currys created Our Experts Love range. Laptops are easily chosen by experts because of their excellent performance and features across all price ranges. By choosing the favorite among all of them, choosing the perfect laptop for you is a little bit easier than choosing favorite one.

Upgrade your laptop
Upgrade your laptop

The HP Pavilion 15 provides you good performance which keeps all your important tasks thanks to a 6th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. This contains email, social media and writing essays.

By using 8GB memory and a large 1 TB of storage, you can store whatever you want to store such as photos, movies, and valuable documents. If you want to spend more time for listening music when you work with your laptop, then the HP Pavilion 15 bring rich, and clear quality thanks to its original B& O PLAY audio.

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