5G is finally here! It’s the dawn of a new era in mobile technology, and one that gamers worldwide have waited patiently for. The gaming industry is barely recognizable from days gone by, having to keep up with increasing demand and technological advancements.

With these strides in technology comes a need for faster internet speeds, better mobile compatibility, and more storage space. When implemented, these factors enable players at online casinos like Lucky Nugget to enjoy seamless gameplay with improved sound and graphics without intermittent buffering or lag. It’s time for 4G technology to step aside.

But just how will 5G change gaming? We asked our technology expert, Kevin Cochran, to share his views on the impact that 5G will have on the gaming industry.

Impact of 5G on Online Gaming Industry
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Reduced Latency

If you’re streaming games on a 4G network, you may notice the game hanging from time to time. This lag results from high latency, a delay in the game data reaching the network from your device, or vice versa. While we’ve become used to these short lull periods in gaming, they’re no less frustrating and can severely reduce your game enjoyment.

Imagine a game free of lag, with seamless gameplay and no buffering. With 5G, gaming latency is dramatically reduced. Speeds range between 20 – 100 Gbps and are significantly faster than 4G could ever support. Gamers can enjoy non-stop mobile action without the threat of suffering a defeat due to a game lag.

Mobile Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming eliminates the need for you to download or install a game on your mobile device. Instead, you stream the game from a remote server. The faster speeds offered by 5G allow for quicker download and upload and eliminate lag time.

Bigger, more technically advanced games require more support than 4G can give for smooth gameplay. The next-level technology you get from 5G connectivity opens the doors to a wider variety of games, with hassle-free streaming from the cloud to your mobile device.

It also allows you to switch between devices, from your phone to your tablet, without interrupting your game. All the processing happens in the cloud, and the games stream to your device quickly. 5G cloud gaming is in for a massive boost with the global launch of this enhanced mobile technology.

Better Multiplayer Experience

Gaming isn’t always a solitary pastime. Multiplayer games have become immensely popular in recent years, allowing you to interact with fellow gamers worldwide. However, high latency and lag times are a huge frustration for mobile gamers and detract from your gaming pleasure.

With the improved connectivity you get from 5G, you shouldn’t experience any lapses in gameplay. You should be able to enjoy full functionality on your mobile device. Game developers will also see this as an opportunity to launch more games with multiplayer functions.

Casino lovers will welcome the improvements this technology can make to live dealer games. With reduced latency and less lag, you can keep on top of the game and not miss out on any important wagers. 5G gambling will be a greater drawcard for online casinos.

Improved Mobile Functionality

A dedicated gamer may opt for a gaming laptop, chosen for the unique features it brings to enhance your gaming. If you’re the type of gamer who prefers to play at home, this is a good option. However, if you’re often on the go, gaming on your mobile device will suit you better.

With better connectivity, you can play games on your mobile that you may struggle with using 4G networks. Virtual reality is gaining traction in the gaming world, however, the technology required for this is too demanding for 4G. 5G opens the door for better virtual reality experiences as it allows you to use the necessary hardware on your mobile devices. Additionally, the faster speeds and reduced latency work hand-in-hand to give you a non-stop VR experience.

Improved Mobile Functionality
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Closing Thoughts

The development of 5G technology is a massive step forward for the gaming industry. It paves the way for a new level of games and gameplay and changes the whole interactive landscape of multiplayer games.

It may take some time to roll out 5G across the globe, but this technology will have a tremendous impact. The future is certainly looking bright for the gaming industry.


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