Mute Social Media Friends

Mute Social Media Friends

If you feel annoyed by your friend’s social media posts but not interested to publicly unfriend or unfollow them. Then Mute Social Media Friends without following them.

By Luck, with the major social media networks, you can mute the posts that you don’t want to see from specific people without facing the potentially uncomfortable move of unfriending them. Here is the procedure how to do.

On Twitter


On Twitter, move to the person’s profile and tap the settings icon. From there you can tap on “Mute” and their tweets will no longer show up in your feed. By using the same process you can unmute them also.

On Facebook


On Facebook, you can mute your friends either from their Facebook profile or from your news feed. In your news feed, tap the arrow in the top right-hand corner and tap “Unfollow [contact’s name]”.

If you visit the person’s profile page, you will find a “Following” button, as there you can also unfollow them. Facebook users are not notified if you unfollow them and you will remain friends.

On Google+


Move to the person’s profile page on Google+ and tap the little arrow in their profile beneath the number of views/followers they have. Tap the “Mute [contact’s name]” link to stop seeing their posts in your feed.

On LinkedIn


If you don’t want to view longer a contact’s posts on LinkedIn but maintain the connection, through news feed you can do this. Navigate to a post they have shared and tap the little arrow button in the top right-hand corner. Tap the “Unfollow [contact’s name]” to remove their posts from your feed.

Some social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest don’t offer a native muting feature, so you have to unfollow the person to no longer view their posts in your feed.

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